Vincent Parascandola’s Success in the Finance Industry

Vincent Parascandola has always had a passion for the world of finance, and it is this fire that burns within him that makes him so good at his job. He has worked with AXA Advisors since 2004, and he is currently the company’s executive vice president. In this position, his main responsibility is overseeing the recruitment and training of employees. With over 20 years’ experience in the finance industry, he understands the intricacies of this volatile industry, and he is always able to predict the company’s staffing needs and ensure that they are met.

AXA Advisors is known for the excellent financial services it has provided to its clients for the decades it has been in operation. AXA Advisors has managed to maintain its sterling performance over the year, thanks to the likes of Vincent Parascandola. Having worked at AXA Advisors for more than a decade, Vincent has helped preserve the company’s culture while at the same time ensuring it adapts to the fast-changing needs of the finance industry. His financial acumen has proven to be of great value to the company.

Vinnie is also a people’s person and a great team leader. Before being appointed as AXA’s vice president, he served as the manager of one of AXA’s branches in New York, and had over 400 employees under his supervision. He knows how to keep his team motivated and focused on their goals. Vincent is a member of a number of industry associations including GAMA, Field Officers Committee of LIMRA, and Florida Chapter. This helps him stay up to date on the latest industry practices and also make a contribution to the industry through his advice and guidance on various issues.


Vincent has made a great contribution to AXA Advisors, and the finance industry as a whole. His role at AXA is a very sensitive one as it is the people he employs who ultimately work to ensure that the company achieves its goals. He has proven to be a valuable asset to AXA Advisors. Vincent attributes his success to his persistence, determination, and commitment to his goals.