Kamil Idris Insight on Economy and Intellectual Property

One of the things that are included in trade agreements today is intellectual property. Countries are trying to cushion themselves from the challenges that come with exposing their trade secrets. When a country exposes how they manufacture a certain product, there is no guarantee that the other partner will not start manufacturing the same products with the same technology that they are using.

To bring more truth and credibility in trade deals, intellectual property laws are now being incorporated in trade deals people who have expertise in this matter such a Kamil Idris are normally hired to offer advice. Kamil Idris was the Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization for ten years. This is not a new matter to him, and he knows what countries need to do to facilitate good deals which do not involve exploitation of intellectual property.

Kamil Idris has addressed the matter of tariffs that were imposed by President Trump on its trading partners. Right now, many countries which used to be trading partners of the United States have to pay hefty costs to export their products into the United States. There is a tariff of 20 percent for all steel products and 10 percent for aluminium products. This matter has brought concern in the United States and beyond. There are those who seem like the tariffs will affect the trade between the United States and other countries. Some legislators have argued that the tariffs will make China and the European Union to also [lace trade barriers which might lead to economic war between the countries.

Chinese have been at the centre of the recent controversy as they are seen as the number one violators of intellectual property laws. It is no longer possible to offer a great deal to them without stealing what you have. China has been accused of stealing mostly from the United States, and the new tariffs will hit them the hardest.

Kamir Idris offers more insight about the relationship between economic growth and intellectual property in a book he authored entitled “Intellectual Property a Power Tool for Economic Growth.” This is a book that has the potential to change the perception of countries on this matter of intellectual property.


End Citizens United Struggle To Bring Into An End The Impact Of Citizen United

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is funded by ordinary donors. The board is focused on sabotaging the dangerous impacts of Citizens United and changing the United States campaign finance system. Through the sabotage, the committee will display that the grassroots are rebelling against the growing brazenness of billionaires striving to purchase the elections. These fighting will be significant to make a broad coalition that will fight towards reforms in campaign reforms and compelling the lawyers to make the appropriate action.

The mission of the committee is to bring in an end the significant amount of money that gets used in politics and repair the United States political system by appointing the campaign finance reforms supporters, raising the matter in the national conversation and by measures of the state ballots. Through a partnership with these bodies, the committee will upend Citizen United and finish the undisclosed and unlimited money used in politics.

From the recently released information on action.dscc.org, it shows that it is effortless for foreign countries to influence the electoral laws. One of these influences is the alleged participation of Russia in the previous election that gave victory to Donald Trump although he had lost in popular votes by over three millions votes. From that information, End Citizens United perceive that there is a need to bring into an end such future actions. A recent ruling by the Supreme Court has allowed that the corporations have same and equivalent rights like the citizens. Due to this decision, big companies have utilized large amounts of funds to manipulate the American elections.

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For example, a Russian Firm that’s associated with the Kremlin purchased political ads that assisted in influencing the presidential election in support of support of Donald Trump and made sure that Hillary Clinton loses. This is a demonstration though foreign interests are forbidden from utilizing money in U.S laws and elections, the enforcement and oversight efforts in governing foreign powers are ineffective.

A linked posted by the Melvin Redick of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania indicated how the Russians used a campaign on innuendo in critical electoral states. He later showed how they displayed concealed truth about George Soros and Hillary Clinton and other leaders in the United States. Through a proceeding investigations, it revealed that there were no records about Melvin Redick in Pennsylvania. The information indicated on the website got stolen from the Americans by Russian Hackers. The information displayed was detrimental to the Hillary Clinton’s Campaign. Those are some of the effects of Citizen United.

End Citizens United has endorsed candidates that are committed to campaign reforms. For example, some eleven candidates from the Democratic Party have received the recommendation. They include Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and Sen. Russ of Feingold.

Find more about End Citizens United: https://gazetteday.com/2017/09/end-citizens-united-stands-behind-randy-bryce-for-congress/

Thor Halvorssen Exposes Human Rights Violations

Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, has created a mission to spread universal human rights around the world to even some of the most oppressed regions around the world. The Human Rights Foundation is a ten year old endeavor that is currently located in New York City, the center of international diplomacy. Thor Halvorssen has been fighting for human rights for over two decades as he is a multicultural individual with both Venezuelan and Norwegian blood in him. As both his parents were human rights activists, Thor Halvorssen was inspired to follow this path of being both brave and selfless. Some of the initiative of this foundation includes freeing political prisoners, giving on-ground education in closed societies, as well as giving individual rights seminars on Capitol Hill. As a non-profit organization, this foundation is focused on pursing universal rights for all. The Human Rights Foundations has received many generous donations from individuals, corporations, as well as from other foundations.

Some of the real world initiatives that this foundation is focused on in present day includes ending women’s violence in Pakistan, Freeing the prison, Liu Xiaobo, as well as freeing RCTV. The advocacy campaigns that have been created by the Human Rights Foundation raise not only awareness, but also raise support and create missions for the entirety of the supporters of this endeavor. As a dedicated human rights activist, Thor Halvorssen has been beaten and imprisoned numerous times. From first hand experience, Mr. Halvorssen knows exactly how dangerous closed-off societies are to individuals.

In addition to promoting human rights, Thor Halvorssen and his team are also dedicated to exposing dictatorships. In recent news, Mr. Halvorssen and his foundation spoke out against Nicki Minaj who made a trip to the oppressive country of Angola to perform. Angola is a country that is notorious for taking away the rights of humans and for encouraging slavery. Other celebrities that Thor Halvorssen has set out to expose for speaking in oppressed countries include Hilary Swank, Kanye West, as well as Jennifer Lopez who have all been paid to speak or sing in these countries.



Best Brothers Joining Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks charity foundation is adding two new trustees to the board according to PR Newswire. Joining the ranks of the Autism Rocks staff are the brothers Will and Pete Best, old college mates of Shah’s. The pair will be in charge of many managerial aspects of the charity as well as setting forth both short term and long term goals.

The charity, founded by hedge fund manager and philanthropist Sanjay Shah, was started after an impromptu tea in the garden of Shah’s house located in Dubai with world famous rapper Snoop Dogg. The visit left Shah inspired to start a foundation for autism research funded with gigs performed by world famous artists in honor of his then five year old son who had been diagnosed with autism at the age of two. Watching his child be unable to speak or communicate and struggle to focus on tasks was heartbreaking, knowing there was nothing he could do to cure the disease he decided on the next best option. To him, that meant donating toward autism research to fund scientific studies that could find alternate therapies and new ways to help those affected by autism. The afternoon with Snoop Dogg along with his desire to further research in a critical field that affects up to 1 in every 68 families lead to the development of the Autism Rocks foundation.

Austism Rocks is a UK-based and invite-only concert that is held to raise awareness for autism as well as donations toward autism research. Headlining the Autism Rocks concerts have been celebrity performers such as Lennie Kravitz, Drake and Prince and the foundation has successfully put on many fun filled events for families.

Human Rights Foundation: A Vision Of World Freedom

Established in 2005, the HRF (Human Rights Foundation) began staging crusades to immobilize the forces against human rights. The nonprofit is an unbiased organization on a mission to liberate society from the forces that stand for injustice and inequality. Largely, the HRF strives for global liberalism and freedom. The organization’s commitment to put the word out there remains a foremost priority. HRF continue to identify influences and vulnerabilities corrupting society.

Where does HRF stands on democratic socialism? Founded by Venezuelan film industry tycoon, Thor Halvorssen-Mendoza, the HRF has staged numerous showcases to embrace democratic socialism and liberalism worldwide. The HRF promotes sound strategies, economic and social values with the hope of giving society a voice. With this, it’s made considerable progress in aiding the government to reform policies. The aim is to ensure ordinary Americans enjoy equal opportunities to improve social democracy and global economic conditions. Among events and conferences, it’s funded include North Korea CFF (College Freedom Forum), OFF (Olson Freedom Forum), HNK (Hack North Korea), etc.Whatever donations the New York-based nonprofit receives, it funds needed investigations and research into improving global societies. The annual OFF conference held in Norway, the HRF gets an opportunity to gather reasonable funding. Many of the donors are noble U.S. and Scandinavian societies, including the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Amnesty International Norway, Ny Tid, Fritt Ord, etc.

Thor Halvorssen, organization’s founding father has been a human rights advocate since 1989. At the time, he operated out of London and spearheaded an uprising against an ongoing South African segregation. It had a foothold in the nation, resulting in social, economic and racial divide among countrymen. Amidst presenting the HRF as president, Halvorssen originated a collection of other human rights factions. A sampling includes the Centipede Children, the OFF, On Own Feet and he’s a donor of Children’s Peace Movement in Prague.

Halvorssen influences global communities and is popular for pieces featured in the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), GQ, The Economist, the NYTimes, Foreign Policy, TIME Magazine, etc. Additionally, he’s been featured on major TV networks, MSNBC, CNN, HBO, Fox News, BBC and more. He graduated UPenn (University of Pennsylvania) Magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa as a history/political science major. Additionally, he holds a seat among the Human Rights Foundation board directors. The organization has aided governments in reaching a course of justice by intervening in high-profile international cases abusing human rights. In addition, it’s procured solid evidence to support Truth Commissions hearing.