Alex Hern: A New Computation Style

Alex Hern

Sometimes when you come up with the idea for a new business it’s like lightning striking you. You can have everything that you need to make a good business, but it still could fail. Sometimes the best thing to do is call in an expert that understands the market. Alex Hern is one of those experts who has more than 25 years of experience in the technology market. This expertise has helped him successfully nurture companies from the ground up for many years. He has made such a splash in the business world that he recently sat down with Ideamensch to elaborate on the ways that he perpetuates his own success.

One of the habits that Alex Hern explains to Ideamensch is the most beneficial to his success is his ability to completely focus on one project. This is a habit he has been cultivating for many years and believes that it is a cornerstone of his success. While Alex Hern understands it is almost impossible to work exclusively on one project at a time he likes to take a few hours out of every single day to focus on just one problem. This is how he was able to successfully launch his company Tsunami XR. He believes that multitasking takes away from a personal success and distracts them from the projects that are really important.

Tsunami XR is going to be really important because GPU’s are rising in popularity. There are more people interested in the power of GPU processing over CPU processing. The reason for this is because the GPU is capable of transporting more memory even if it is at a slower speed. This slower speed can be rectified through the use of multiple GPU’s that will then queue up with information. This queue ensures that the information will remain available in a near constant stream after that. CPUs could be used in much the same manner they usually cap out at around two unit per system. Tsunami XR will be built around this new GPU-based system. With Alex Hern at the head, they will offer programs and software applications that cater to this type of computation style.

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Talos Energy Continues To Grow Through A Merger And An Acquisition

Talos Energy, Inc. is an oil and gas firm based out of Houston, Texas. They operate along the Gulf Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico where they explore for oil & gas and then pump it to the surface. They have a huge seismic database that they use to figure out where to explore as well as proprietary reprocessing techniques.

They were named one of Houston’s Top Work Places in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 by WorkplaceDynamics. Talos Energy’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan says that they earned these designations not through offering things to their employees like an on-site day care center or happy hours on Fridays. Instead, when they were still a privately held company, they gave each employee a stake in the company in the form of equity. This encourages everyone to work hard and row in the same direction.

Talos Energy is now a publically held company. How this happened was not through an initial public offering, though. Instead, CEO Tim Duncan spent months working on a deal to merge with Stone Energy Corporation. which had been a bankrupt publically traded firm. Once this $2 billion deal was consummated Talos Energy started trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TALO. Tim Duncan said that this deal left his company well-positioned in regards to increased scale and liquidity. He was looking forward to creating further business development plans in the future.

Talos Energy expanded a second time in September 2018 when they acquired another gas & oil firm, Whistler Energy II, LLC. This deal was worth $52 million. Whistler Energy had been producing 1,900 barrels of oil a day throughout 2018. Talos Energy now has 100% of their assets which are located in three Central Gulf of Mexico blocks. These are Ewing Bank 988, Green Canyon 60, and Green Canyon 18. They also acquired a fixed production platform from this deal with is in the Green Canyon Block 18. Tim Duncan said that his company acquired blocks that are in a known hydrocarbon prolific area.

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How the American Institute of Architects Benefits Professionals

Professional organizations are entities that allow professionals to more easily enhance their career. In the architecture field, the American Institute of Architects is the top organization. With the American Institute of Architects, a number of architecture professionals area able to get the assistance and guidance they need in order to reach their career goals. Any architecture professional who is looking to enhance their knowledge will benefit by becoming a member of this leading professional organization. When joining the American Institute of Architects, professionals in this field will be in position to network with others to find employment opportunities as well as growing their independent businesses. They will also be able to take advantage of continuing education and learn more about the latest developments in the architecture field. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy is a major figure in the American Institute of Architects. Today, he is the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. Robert Ivy has held this position for the last several years and has established himself as a competent leader. While serving as the chief executive officer of this professional organization, Robert has led its expansion to a number of locations worldwide. Ivy provides the daily management of the organization and oversees all of its operations. He is also involved in establishing programs and policies to ensure that this organization remains as one of the top professional organizations around. Robert introduces new programs and exhibitions in an effort to provide a valuable learning environment for architectural professionals as well. His efforts have helped the American Institute of Architects become the valuable professional organization it is today. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.


Prior to his stint serving as the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy spent a number of years in both writing and editing. When he first began working in his professional career, Robert Ivy would work as an author for top architecture publications. During this time, Ivy wrote numerous articles that were able to educate both individuals and professionals about the most important issues about the architecture field. His next position was as the editor in chief of a major architecture publication. Robert Ivy was able to win a top award for his performance working in editing during his career. In June of 2018, Robert won the highly coveted Lifetime Achievement Award.


Ted Bauman And His Simple Advice To Potect Assets

While several countries around the world are going through an economic slowdown or a complete economic collapse, the United States economy seems to be doing rather well. Unemployment is low, business and consumer confidence levels are high, and all the stock indices are hitting all-time highs. Most Americans have digital wealth and believe that their assets are safe in our financial systems. Ted Bauman is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing who specializes in low-risk investment strategies and asset protection. With stock markets soaring, the last thing on the minds of many participants in the market is asset protection because they believe the good times in the market are here to stay. However, it is prudent to store a small portion of assets outside the reach of the government and financial institutions. Also, with high valuations for stocks, it may be time for investors to consider a low-risk approach to investing.

Ted Bauman had written in one of his blogs about a relative who stored a massive amount of assets at their home. He mentioned how his relative’s assets were kept in a study, but not protected well. His relative could have lost all their wealth in a burglary or a natural disaster. Ted Bauman advises individuals to purchase a water and fireproof lock box to store some valuables at home. He recommends storing some precious metals, cash, expensive jewelry, and other valuables. He is not advocating for people to store all their wealth at home, as that would be foolish in most scenarios.

For the assets that are to stay in the financial institutions, Ted Bauman advocates a proper balance of stocks and bonds. Many investors shy away from bonds due to a lack of understanding. Bonds can protect a financial portfolio if there is a stock market crash. Bonds pay interest to an investor and can be a reliable stream of income, very similar to dividend investing. Ted Bauman advises not to completely sell out of one’s stock positions if they believe a crash is imminent. He points to the famous 1987 crash where investors who panicked and sold everything lost money. Investors who held came out ahead at the end of the year. Ted Bauman Says Amazon Isn’t a Monopoly, Warns Shareholders of Vulnerability

Dallas Plastic Surgeon Honored By Patients’ Choice

In 2012, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, a Dallas, Texas plastic surgeon, was given the Compassionate Doctor Certification award by Patients’ Choice.

Only a few doctors are honored with this award.

About 100 million patients go to websites like Patients’ Choice, Vitals and UCompareHealthCare and comment on their experiences with their doctors. If they get good overall scores and comments about their bedside manner and other parts of their care, they have a chance of getting this award.

There are 870,000 active doctors in the United States and this award is only given to 3% of these doctors.

This certification is part of Patients’ Choice recognition program. This program gives patients to vote and rate on their preferred physicians.

After getting recognized for this award, Dr. Jejurikar believed that it was a great honor to get this award. He liked being selected and was thankful that his patients made an effort to vote and review him.

Not long after Dr. Jejurikar received this award, an organization called the American Registry made him a new addition to their Registry of Business Excellence. A plaque is created when a doctor is made part of this registry. The doctor then can proudly display this plaque in their office.

The main purpose of the Patients’ Choice is to provide information about doctors in a certain area so patients can get the best care possible. They will list the doctors that have been honored with excellent care and expertise.

Dr. Jejurikar can be found at Dallas hospitals like Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center. He got a medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School. He had been in practice for 20 years when he received this award

Arjun Kapur Talks About The Challenges Of Running An Global Talent Firm

Running a business is a dream come true for many people. They want to create something of lasting value to the world. One person who knows that it is possible to create a going business that can thrive in the face of international competition is GoBuyside founder Arjun Karpur. Arjun Kapur has always relished the chance to show the world what he can do. Before he founded GoBuyside, he earned a degree in economics from The Johns Hopkins University. Then it was on to Stanford for an MBA. Since his undergraduate days, he’s wanted to create a company that can serve as a means to tap into the world’s pool of management financial talent. He knows that employees who can provide these services are employees who can ultimately help the company advance and see massive gains in the market. In a recent article, Kapur talks about a typical day in his life.

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One of the most wonderful things about running GoBuyside is that each day is different from the next. This is what he sees as part of the fun of being involved in the international talent recruitment scene. Every single day brings him new challenges and rewards. Many of his days at GoBuyside involve him attending meetings where he and his colleagues discuss what they can go to better serve the needs of their many clients around the globe. He’s always thinking about the next step. His goal is increase productivity and inspire team of experts. He tells others they should think about priorities. Creating a list of priorities helps him focus on each task and understand the timeline that lies behind it. This is how he has seen his company continue to grow. Proper attention to needs of his clients is his recipe for success.

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Aloha Construction Receives Torch Award From Better Business Bureau

One of the organizations that all companies want to be on the good side of is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is an organization that rates businesses based on their ethical practices. They are a place that a lot of consumers turn to for impartial information about the businesses that they are considering purchasing from. They may even submit complaints to the organization in order to let others know their thoughts about this.


Aloha Construction has earned an award from this respected institution. The award is known as the Torch Award and it is given to businesses that practice ethically for their customers. It is only given to companies that have very high standards when it comes to how they treat their customers. These awards are not easy to earn.


The organization look for companies that do a few things including: Leaders with ethical practices, communication, and leadership styles that unify the company itself. Those are things that are difficult to bring to the forefront in some companies, but those that do deserve to be recognized for their efforts.


Aloha Construction does not only treat its customers with the utmost respect, but they take care of their employees as well. They want to make sure that they do not receive negative reviews reported to the Better Business Bureau if at all possible. They put their reputation on the line every day and work to earn the respect of those that they do business with.


The company has been honored to have received this award, and they have committed themselves to continue to uphold the standards of excellence that they have kept up to this point to make sure they may be able to win the award again in the future. At the very least, they want to make sure that they are able to keep up their good name with this award in hand.

Sussex Healthcare of England

Health Care Services

Sussex Healthcare has more than 20 facilities with over 25 years of dedication located within the United Kingdom. The first facility opened in 1985, with efforts to focus on care for people with physical, neurological, and mental disabilities. As their health services continue to expand, the primary focus is to give patients multiple outlets of therapy and leisure, as well as provide quality care through social and recreational activities. In recognition of their outstanding patient care, Sussex Healthcare earned best Health Quality Service in 2002 and International Standard in 2005.

Adult and Senior Care

Both young and elderly adults receive accommodations within the residential health care facilities. Elderly facilities have physiology and 24-hour nursing assistance. Elderly patients have access to quality assisted living including daycare, respite care, holistic care, sensory rooms, and hydrotherapy pools. In contrast, young adults with neurological and development issues have speech, language, and physiotherapy assistance. They also have access to luxurious spa pools and multisensory rooms. Visit Job Medic to know more about Sussex Healthcare.

Staff and Facilities

Continued education and extensive training are keys to success for Sussex Healthcare facilities. Nurses understand that quality of life is more than the management of their patients’ overall health. They know the importance of encouragement, so patients remain active during their stay. Providing exceptional hospitality is of grave importance to the staff in each affiliated facility. Each addition to the team is screened to ensure their passion for delivering the same quality of health care.

To ensure exceptional service, Sussex Healthcare enhances their facilities and staff through up-to-date, innovative technology and professional development. Sussex Healthcare continues to expand the number of their facilities and offer the best care possible to their disabled population. As they continue to promote wellness and quality of life, they extend their 24-hour care affiliated facilities that share the same vision.

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David McDonald: President Of On Of America’s Top 100 Food Companies

David McDonald, president and chief operator of OSI Food Solutions, is set out to ensure that his company continues to succeed. Being an Iowa State University Alumni, McDonald won the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award for his outstanding character and achievements. Having a degree in animal science, McDonald is not one you would expect to see running the show in the food industry, but he has accomplished just that. David is currently the chairman for the North American Meat Institute, served as an independent director at Marfig Global Foods S.A., and is director of OSI International Foods in Australia.

Being a former Project Manager of OSI Group, and the current president of the company, David McDonald is on a mission to improve and maintain OSI Food Solutions’ sustainability by reaching out and gaining more customers around the world. Recently, in order to expand the company even further, McDonald had the leading role in the acquisition of Baho Foods, as well as the expansion of OSI Food Solutions in China. McDonald states that “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe.” This isn’t the only company that OSI Food Solutions have acquired since Mcdonald has been in charge, they have also expanded through Tyson Foods, Flagship Europe, and a new facility, GenOSI, in the Philippines.

Through many interviews, the public has learned quite a bit about David McDonald and his well-known business expertise. Joining the OSI group straight out of college, David had to work his way to the top. While he has been met with plenty of challenges throughout his career, he has learned all of the secrets to maintaining a successful company. “My success is rooted in my company’s ability to create valuable partnerships,” says McDonald. David says that in the future, we can expect for OSI to continue to grow and “adapt to the changing business environment.”

With OSI Food Solutions being one of the leading food companies in the world, David McDonald is forced to stay on his toes and create and implement new ways to stay on top in the ever-changing business world. Luckily the OSI Group has a great president and chief operator that has been able to improve the company’s sustainability by gaining customers’ trust, expanding to new locations, and ensuring that their marketing strategy of “being one with the culture” remains intact.

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Shervin Pishevar: The Broader Economy

Few understand how the Internet impacted the world. Shervin Pishevar is trying to create awareness of a new economy that does not require individuals to remain silent and complacent. Citizens no longer need to accept only what another human being will distribute via it be by pseudo-capitalism, communism, or other non-technology centric economic system. Shervin Pishevar recognized that we have the power, in direct communication with each other, to make our own deals.

Global Economic Climate Change

Too big to fail banks relied upon pre-Internet economics to argue their necessity. Americans bought into their empty image. Bailing out the banks of 2008 was a mistake. Few argue against this economic diagnosis. Still, many fear change more than they do mismanagement of their finances.

Introducing Bitcoin

One good thing that came out of the 2008 bailout was motivation in the fintech entrepreneurial space. Satoshi Nakamoto digitally penned an idea that would prevent such an occurrence from ever happening again. Who could foresee how receptive everyday citizens from around the world would take Satoshi’s idea?

Today, the largest companies of the world are following in the footsteps of these early blockchain pioneers. Shervin Pishevar touched upon this market condition in bringing attention to tech monopolies and their stifling of small business. Must they be at odds? Is there any way that blockchain technology can provide a solution? Shervin Pishevar believes that blockchain will win out in a monopolistic economic climate. After all, it was blockchain that succeeded in the wake of the big banks and it is in blockchain developers whom these large corporations follow.

Emerging Solutions in Blockchain

It was the little startups that brought us blockchain. Long established organizations followed later. Whether they be first world governments or corporate conglomerates, many who had held power before the Internet are now finally playing catch up.

Blockchain technology has so many potential applications. One of the most notable is in logistics. In a world interconnected across oceans, logistics are increasingly important to distribute products beyond regional locations, across national borders, and through conflict areas.