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Newswatch TV is a show that airs weekly on networks like Ion and AMC. Newswatch airs a 30-minute show that covers a lot of ground from movies star interviews to product releases. A-list stars like Ted Danson and Carrie Underwood have made appearances on this fun and exciting show. The show is seen in over 200 countries on the Ion and AMC networks as mentioned before as well as others. Here is more of what Newswatch TV offers the public.

Avanka Indiegogo was pleased with their choice to display one of their companies products on Newswatch TV for help with their crowdfunding. A rep from Avanka, Nathalie was interviewed by Newswatch’s main host, Andrew Tropeano to find out Avanka’s experience with Newswatch TV. The rep was actually using Newswatch again as the first experience resulted in reaching almost 3000% of their goal on crowdfunding.

Newswatch is out of Arlington, Virginia. They employ anywhere from 12 to 5o employees in the Washington D.C. area. The company’s main focus is to help inform the public about what is going on out there. Newswatch is a great place to launch a product for millions of viewers to see. Newswatch also helps to inform the public on campaigns and other public interest activities.

The TV hosts and behind the scene reporters that work for Newswatch are constantly finding new and interesting subjects to air on the show. Newswatch has bee around since 1989 and is continuing to grow thanks to their followers. If you are looking to promote a product or a show in the entertainment industry, NewsWatch TV is an excellent solution.

Malcolm CasSelle Invests in Blockchain Tech with P2P Platform WAX

OPSkins, the earth-wide leader for virtual video game asset sales is dipping its toe in the waters of virtual asset trading. Led by front-man and current OPSkins CIO Malcolm CasSelle, the creative powers behind OPSkins are launching a P2P blockchain platform called WAX. WAX, which stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange allows players within a network of video games to trade digital wares to one another. The trade made possible by the limitless possibilities of decentralized technology. A popular misnomer surrounding decentralized markets is their unreliabilty and fragmentation, two factors mooted by present blockchain technology. Technology that CasSelle is using to put WAX at the forefront of a brand new industry.

Blockchain tech creates data chains from transaction information. Using cryptography the software allows every little action a user performs online to be recorded. If the buyer or seller partakes in dishonest practices, the blockchains will record the instances and apply them to its ratings. This provides security for potential transactions. CasSelle, who has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, saw the potential in this tech and is now cashing in. The ability for WAX to actually give gamers a return of investment is huge. The domino effect it creates could very well lead cryptocurrency to the mainstream. At least that is what CasSelle is thinking.

Malcolm CasSelle was the CTO and president of New Ventures for Tronc Inc. before coming to OPSkins. His career in the virtual industry dates back to ’95 when CasSelle founded his first business NetNoir. Since then he has founded many internet-based start ups, and served in top level executive positions for top-level web companies. CasSelle was an early investor in both Bitcoin and Facebook. He never ignores new opportunities and follows cryptocurrency very closely. In addition to his status as CIO for OPSkins, CasSelle will also serve as president of WAX.


Upwork Inc. is the largest freelancing website globally that is privately held. Formerly, Upwork was called Elance-oDesk. Upwork was formed in 2015 when Elance Inc. established in 1999 merged with oDesk formed in 2003. Upwork emerged when oDesk was rebranded and upgraded to become the single largest freelance marketplace globally.

The company has the largest pool and broadest coverage of freelancers and employers in the world. The platform allows employers to post their projects to top talent from all over the world. On the other hand, freelancers can vie for attractive jobs at competitive prices.

The website is meant to make it easier for employers including businesses to find independent professionals. As a result, Upwork ensures that businesses find top talents without caring about the traditional barriers of place and time. Upwork has its headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Recent statistics show that freelancers on Upwork offer over 3, 5000 skills. Some of the skills that freelancers on the platform offer to businesses include web development, customer service, sales and marketing, accounting and consulting, design and creative, writing, virtual assistants, and mobile development.

Therefore, the platform eases the process of businesses finding the right skills they need to get their work done. Today, freelancers on the platform are earning over $1 billion yearly. It recruits freelancers from across the world. According to Upwork Global Inc., it has more than 14 million users in over 180 countries globally.

The company’s vision is to make it easy, simple, and cost-effective for businesses known as clients to find, hire, work with, as well as pay freelancers. Any business or individual regardless of their location and size can work with freelancers on Upwork.

For efficient communication, Upwork allows freelancers and businesses to send receive video and text communications through its in-app messaging service. This ensures that there is a seamless exchange of information between employers and workers.

Upwork allows users to use mobile apps on their iOS and Android devices. Therefore, freelancers can get in touch with employers to review their work. The current Chief Executive Officer of Upwork is Stephane Kesriel who is responsible for developing the growth strategy of the company.


The growth of OSI industries from a local food solution industry to a global company is an inspiration to many businesses. OSI Company has acquired other companies in the food industry to improve services. It has also been recognized with various awards for their excellence in delivering on their agenda. Part of the reason for such milestones is OSI leadership which has been vital in the acquisitions and partnership deals.

OSI organization only engage with companies that have similar objectives as it is evident with Baho food, Tyson foods, and Flagship Europe. These companies have become part of OSI industries’ successful chain of food processors. Through their acquisitions, the companies share resources to reach greater markets. A recent addition to the OSI family is Turi Foods through a 50/50 merger.

Turi food has been in business since 1976, providing Australian market with poultry products and other brands. The Australian based company is a family business and upholds quality, integrity, and trust to meet their customer’s needs. Turi Foods has been known for La Lonica, their original brand, Golden Farms Chicken, Montefiore, and Bannockburn Free Range chicken.

Turi Foods and OSI company merged on 4th May 2018 to become Turosi Pty Ltd. The merger just like other partnerships serves both companies. With Turi Foods strong background on Australian poultry farming and OSI industries scale, Turosi will be the beginning of a wide range of products set to change the marketplace.

The shared ownership will keep the Blacktown and Broadmeadows, Victoria; Eagle Farm, Queensland facilities open for manufacturing processes while they operate the Thomastown and Geelong plants. OSI industries and Turi foods culture align and has enabled a successful merge.

Sam Cuteri, the chairman of Turi foods, stated that the merger would bring expertise from both sides to build and come up with the best food solutions. Sam Cuteri was backed by OSI’s David McDonald stating that Turosi will better serve their customers through new and innovative ways. The merger also offers new opportunities to the two, already established companies. Grant Thornton followed the merger to the end to ensure it is solid enough to deliver on their new objectives.

Turi Foods, one of the biggest Australia Poultry processors and OSI industries, a global food solution will change the Australia marketplace. The merger will enable the processing of more products to meet the ever-rising demand for poultry products.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Have Immensely Contributed to the Growth of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is an organization that offers Medicare Advantage plans. The organization has thrived under the leadership of Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto.


About Penelope Kokkinides


At the moment, Penelope Kokkinides serves as the CAO (chief administrative officer) of InnovaCare Inc. Prior to rejoining the organization, Penelope Kokkinides initially served as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of InnovaCare Inc. Far from that, Penelope Kokkinides has worked in the healthcare industry for more than two decades. Throughout the two decades, she garnered a lot of experience regarding management of healthcare operations and processes and the development of clinical programs. Check out



Initially, Penelope Kokkinides was working at the Centerlight Healthcare. She was serving as an executive vice president and COO (chief operating officer) at the company. She has also worked in other organizations such as Touchstone Health where she held the position of COO (chief operating officer. Since Penelope Kokkinides has held various leadership positions in the past, she has gained a considerable amount of experience in relation to the healthcare industry. With that said, she is bound to steer InnovaCare Health in the right direction while serving as the chief administrative officer of the organization.


Penelope Kokkinides Education Background


Penelope Kokkinides enrolled at the Binghamton University where she studied biological sciences and later graduated with honors. Later on, she joined the New York University where she earned a master’s degree in social work. Kokkinides also joined the Columbia University where she graduated with a master’s degree in public health.


About Rick Shinto


Rick Shinto has been serving in the healthcare industry for more than two decades. As a healthcare professional, Rick Shinto Kick-started his career as an intern while in South California. With time, he was recruited by MedPartners where he served as the vice president. While at MedPartners, Rick Shinto was in charge of medical management. Afterwards, Rick Shinto moved to Cal Optimal where he was assigned the role of senior medical officer. He has also worked at NAMM California where he was in charge of the medical management. For more details visit



In 2008, Rick Shinto joined Aveta Inc., where he served as a management staff. Later on, he was promoted to serving as the CEO of the company. Unfortunately, his position as CEO was short-lived since Aveta Inc. was sold in 2012. Luckily, his positive reputation regarding the healthcare industry earned him a position at InnovaCare Inc. where he has been serving as the CEO of the company.


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What You Probably Didn’t Know About Banyan Hill’s Freedom Checks Recommendation

Not long ago, financial newsletter publisher Banyan Hill made an announcement that people all over the US were now cashing in on an investment that had been uncovered several months before. The profits from this investment come from oil, natural gas and mining companies that have been set for a production boom thanks to new tax cuts as well as new initiatives to boost domestic production. This investment is known as freedom checks, and Banyan Hill’s article detailing the payouts people have been receiving from it show that some have received over $24,000, $160,000 and even more than $280,000, and it’s because it has some remarkable advantages that other investments don’t have. Read more about Freedom Checks at

The thing to know about freedom checks is that they aren’t really checks, though dividends they pay can be sent in the form of checks. But they got their name from Matt Badiali, an editor at Banyan Hill who is known for going out in the field to make his discoveries. He found out that freedom checks are what natural resource companies registered as master limited partnerships (MLPs) issue to their investors, and they can be invested in by just about anyone. The boom in production and profits is said to be reaching near $34 billion, and Badiali says MLPs pay out at least 90℅ of their income in these checks.


Perhaps the biggest reason Badiali gave freedom checks their name is that investors who own them pay no taxes on them either for buying or owning. Can you imagine making over $100,000 in returns on your investment and not having the IRS collect any percentage of it? Because they’re classified as a return on capital and not a return on income, Badiali pointed to a loophole in the tax code that allows you to keep all earnings made from them. While certainly most people won’t see the extremely high returns that come to the top-performing companies and their investors, there is still enough to be had that buying into reputable MLP companies is worth it. Read this article at Money Morning.

Camila Mendes Dances In The Latest Video From The Chainsmokers

There can be little doubt The Chainsmokers have been one of the fastest growing and successful groups in the world over the last two years. Releasing music almost every six weeks throughout 2017 led to the DJs becoming one of the leading electronic dance music groups in history. The success of The Chainsmokers has seen their debut album, “Memories… Do Not Open” remain in the top five of the Billboard Electronic Dance Musc Chart a full year after its release.

The ever-expanding fanbase of The Chainsmokers has been eagerly anticipating the release of the promised sophomore album, “Sick Boy.” A full album has yet to be released, but The Chainsmokers recently released the fifth song from the planned album to create a short EP as a sampler for the full release. The latest release is the high-tempo, end of Summer anthem, “Side Effects.”

Featuring on “Side Effects” is the long-time collaborator, Emily Warren who has helped create a return to the upbeat sound The Chainsmokers became known for during the summer of 2017. Recent releases from the planned “Sick Boy” album have taken a slightly darker turn with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart stating the mood reflected their own fear state of mind during recording. Emily Warren joined The Chainsmokers over the Summer to create the song they say was affected by the happiness the duo feels during the Summer months.

The Chainsmokers are now in their seventh year of collaboration and called in a TV star, Camila Mendes to make sure their promo received as many views as possible. Mendes plays a hotel worker, Riley who has her plans for the weekend ruined when her boss tells her she must remain at her job. Instead of dwelling on the loss of her weekend, Riley creates her own party atmosphere at the neon-lit hotel and dances her way through her shift. Emily Warren, Alex Pall, and Andrew Taggart all make appearances as guests at the hotel to continue the move towards The Chainsmokers becoming known for stepping out from behind their decks.

Entrepreneurial Skills by Whitney Wolfe Herd

Whitney Wolfe Herd is a young American investor and serves both as the CEO and founder of Bumble. Bumble is a dating app that seeks to empower women. She also has an interest in Tinder Inc. She was born in 1989 in Utah, Salt Lake City. She attended the Judge Memorial Catholic High School. While in the 4th grade, her family moved to France. In France, she attended the Southern Methodist University as well as Sorbonne University, Paris. While still in school, she engaged in many ventures and marketing activities, she worked with Tech labs and took part in the Cardify project. View Whitney Wolfe’s profile at

Whitney Wolfe Herd later moved to Tinder where she took part in the marketing activities. The entrepreneur is estimated to be worth more than $ 230 million. Bumble is valued at over $ 1 billion with Whitney Wolfe Herd commanding a 20% stake in the venture. In 2017, she was featured in Forbes list of 30 under 30. She has further been featured in Business Insiders 30 most important women under 30. The success paints her as a committed and innovative entrepreneur who has remained relevant in the tech world.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Contribution to Tinder and Bumble

Before creating Bumble, she worked with Tinder and is credited for coming up with the name. She was the vice president of the marketing department. In her position, she helped recruit new members and marketed the dating app to different cities. While in Tinder she began working on the Bumble dating app. She left Tinder in 2014 after a confrontation with the co-founders. She accused the co-founders of sexual harassment and discrimination on a gender basis.

She sued Tinder and was awarded more than $ 1 million stocks in the Company. The ward improved her financial portfolio and provided resources to invest in a new dating app. In 2017, Bumble was estimated to have over 22 million users with the majority being women. The founder notes that the dating app is an avenue of empowering women. It has boosted the interaction among different people over the globe. Her contribution in both Bubble and Tinder can be regarded as being indispensable and aided in market penetration.




How Shafik Sachedina Is Providing Better Healthcare For The Masses

Shafik Sachedina is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who holds the position of joint chairman at Sussex Health Care. Sussex provides residential and nursing treatment for people with diverse ailments such as neurological issues, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. His leadership has seen the healthcare grow to 23 homes with over 500 beds. The house has great professionals who offer personalized care to each of their patients. Priority is based on medical care and nutritious food to ensure comfort and fast healing. Their patients are also engaged a lot in activities that interest them to ensure that they feel at home as much as they can.

Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania before moving to the United Kingdom for further studies. He enrolled at the Guy Medical Hospital in London where he studied medicine. After college, he went on to study Dentistry at the London Dental School. He practiced in various hospitals in the UK where he made a good name for himself for being among the best dentists. It is after this that he decided to settle in the United Kingdom and work with various healthcare companies to help people.

Out of the healthcare sector, Shafik Sachedina has been a significant force in advancing his Ismaili culture throughout the world. He is active in organizations that create awareness of Islamic culture in the UK and across the globe. He holds several positions in his philanthropy like the head of the department of the Jamati Institution. He is entrusted to oversee the smooth running of activities in their sixteen branches so that they can achieve their goals. In the past, he had the privilege of being the president of the Ismaili Council in the UK for two consecutive terms. In his volunteer work, he serves as a member of Aga Khan Development Network committee. The Aga Khan Foundation is a worldwide NGO that works towards empowering members of the Islamic community economically. Shafik Sachedina is a respected leader especially in the Ismaili community and has been in delegations to resolve conflicts in Afghanistan and Syria.


The Achievements of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is a prominent lawyer who shifted his career into finance. He started his career in Thacher Proffit & Wood. He then moved to BlackRock Financial where he upgraded his ranks after which he further proceeded to the Union Bank of Switzerland. Despite that it might seem like a great achievement working in one of the high-class Swiss banks in the entire world, it was not enough for Randal Nardone. He never achieved satisfaction, and hence he decided to venture into the establishment of Fortress Investment Group. That took place in 1998. This company has tremendously grown and expanded.

The recent explosive growth of Fortress Investment Group has enabled him to be featured in the Forbes list of the Billionaires. Randal Nardone was ranked in position 557 in the Billionaires list with a net worth of 1.8 Billion US Dollars. Nardone has entirely made this wealth just by himself. Randal Nardone massive wealth is almost entirely connected to Fortress Investment Group. He has also managed to make more than 100 Million US Dollars in other cash compensation.

Randal Nardone is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group. His partnership in this company in 2011 was appropriate if we consider his former roles. On 30th June 2016, it was reported that the Fortress manages and controls over 70 billion US Dollars in alternative premises. Fortress Investment Group Assets are diversified between liquid hedge funds, equity as well as credit funds.

In addition to the massive definite financial accomplishments by Nardone, there was also incredible wealth that was brought about by other achievements. It’s through his governance and guidance that Fortress Investment Group earned an award in 2014 as the ‘Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” as well as “Management Firm of the Year’’. The two awards were offered by Institutional Investors and HFMWeek respectively. Apart from these awards, Fortress Investment Group was also recognized and exalted by the institutional Investors as the Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the Year, specifically 2012. It was also known as the “Credit-Focused Fund of the Year” for two consecutive years, 2010 – 2011. All these achievements have been experienced after the growth and development of Fortress Investment Group.

Nardone have been able to create a good name for this company which has in turn earned him much respect and recognition. Fortress Investment Group has the potential to grow and expend even further.