Discovering How Southridge Capital Delivers Dynamic Consultations

Southridge Capital is honored by its core executive team that has a profound and instinctive knowledge of the marketplace along with tireless and unfailing financing plans for clients. Since 1996, it has invested $1.8 billion in total to advance firms worldwide. With its extensive experience, Southridge Capital is cognizant of the matters each developing company handles, and the company has the ability to advise businesses from shifting to a public corporation, to enhanced balance sheet supervision. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Southridge Capital offers services covering all the consulting bases, including financial analysis, legal settlement services, and balance sheet optimization. The company designs specialized, forecasted financial reports in accordance with economic and operational presumptions. Their legal settlement assistance is concentrated on supporting litigation settlement by clearly explaining the legal conditions and reducing client costs. Southridge’s services concerning consolidations and appropriations involve access to merger candidates whose marketing ideas are arranged properly with a current portfolio customer. This helps other companies take the best actions for the best restructuring outcomes. Finally, their balance sheet optimization services help companies manage a suitable equality among liability and assets.

Southridge Capital has been engaged in philanthropic contributions for decades, CEO and founder Stephen Hicks mentioned. Promoting significant objectives is a personal responsibility that we find greatly satisfying. We wish to produce a meaningful impression on people’s lives and show how much paying it forward helps out.

Southridge supports volunteer efforts, community guidance, and generosity. The group considers those the best ways to develop the firm and to have a real influence not just on populations but the whole world. The company concentrates on efforts that empower fellow citizens and improve efforts brought about by charitable groups nationwide. By investing time and money to the betterment of civilization, they always explore ways to directly shape the lives of the underserved.

Southridge Investment Group is a private equity business out of Connecticut which offers financing and bond brokerage assistance. Southridge is highly variegated and specializes in direct finance and consultative co-operation to small-mid sized firms. Their competence rests on their capacity to custom-make a program for the proposed customer and then perform that program unfailingly.

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Efforts Of End United Citizens In Fighting The Big Money 20

Background of the organization
End citizens united (ECU) is a political action committee based in the United States. It was created by Americans with the main objective of doing away with big money in politics through electing campaign finance reform champions. Its headquarters are in Washington, D.C at Capitol Hill.

The organization was formed in 2015 with the aim of changing the US Supreme Court 2010 decision on citizens united and the Federal election commission. The decision removed regulations on the limits of independent expenditure group spending against some specific candidates.

The amounts ECU is expecting to raise in 2018
ECU raises its funds through their member contributions, donations from good wishes and even the citizens. The donors of the organization argue that the system is rigged against them and that they are ready to fight back. In the previous year, the organization raised about $7.5 million and early this year, it collected about $4 million as revealed by its president Tiffany Muller. They are also planning to raise more than $35 million to cater for the 2018 midterm elections. The committee does this hoping that they will have more Democrats being elected to Congress.

The candidates who have recently been endorsed
Since ECU was formed in 2015, it has endorsed various politicians who are happened to be democrats. Some of them include; Hillary Clinton, Senator Maggie Hassan, Russ Feingold and Catherine Cortez Masto among others. Of late, the organization has endorsed senator Gillibrand and Cory Booker since both acted as honest and transparent politicians. The committee only finances these politicians in the strong belief that they would help them embezzle public funds.

The big money 20
According to ECU the Big Money 20 is a group of politicians who forgot about their duties and rather focused on rigging the system to fulfill the wishes of their donors. They are reported as the worst politicians in the American government. These candidates represent incumbent politicians whose main agenda is receiving lump sums of money in corporate contributions. Some of the members who appear on this list include; Representative Claudia Tenny who after being funded by ECU voted for the proposal that was aiming at giving freedom on the sale of data without the consent of the government. Representative Ryan Costello also funded by the organization, voted against the campaign reforms about finances. End citizens united, therefore , encourages more people to join them in changing the political system of the country.

Wes Edens The Reason behind the Success of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is amongst the biggest names in the financial world in the United States. The company now enjoys dominating position in the private equity and investment management world globally and handles the assets and investments of some of the top financial corporations. The results that Fortress Investment Group has provided under its founders, Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffmann, and Randal Nardone has been nothing short of extraordinary.Wesley Edens has been an asset to the team of Fortress Investment Group that was started in the year 1998 with about $400 million and has 30 employees. Today, the company is worth $72 billion and has more than 1200 employees working for them. Wesley Edens has years of experience in the investment industry, and it is because of him that the company has grown drastically in a few years.

Before co-creating Fortress Investment Group, he was a partner and also the MD of BlackRock Financial Management Inc. he was also once a partner and MD of Lehman Brothers but left it to start something of his own. Wes Edens has completed his graduation from Oregon State University where he studied B.S. in Finance. He handles the company’s private equity business that looks for investment opportunities in healthcare, media, real estate, financial services, transportation and other industries.It is due to their exemplary leadership and guidance that the company now manages assets of over $70 billion globally for nearly 1,750 clients and counting. The clientele of Fortress Investment Group continues to increase with time due to the overwhelmingly positive results it has been achieving for its clients. Managing assets and identifying positive investment options in the current economic situation is not as easy as it seems.

The clientele of Fortress Investment Group consists of corporations as well as high net worth individuals.Fortress Investment Group released its initial public offering as well in the year of 2007, which was underwritten by major financial corporations, namely Goldman Sachs and KPMG. At the time of its launch, Fortress Investment Group was the only private equity firm in the United States that was publicly traded. The volume of business that Fortress Investment Group has been doing has been growing at a steady pace, and the turnover of the last fiscal year was $1.1 billion with the net profit of $180 million. In the years to come, the profit is expected to rise consistently as the company is in the process of further diversification and introducing new products to its products portfolio.

Randal Nardone Swithces From Law To Finance And Becomes A Billionaire

Randal Nardone, the CEO of Fortress Investment Group is a very busy man. Not only does the experienced financial services professional have a wide variety of important duties at Fortress, he also holds executive and leadership positions at a number of the company’s subsidiaries as well as with other firms. Since helping to co-found Fortress Investment Group in 1998, Nardone has also played prominent roles in companies in a wide range of industries. He has been able to draw on his management, executive, investment and financial services experience to help those companies thrive.

Some of the companies in which Randal Nardone has served as director, president, chief operating officer and CEO include Springleaf Financial Holdings, Ncs 1 LLC, Newcastle Investment Holdings, RIC Coinvestment Fund, IMPAC Commercial Holdings Incorporated, Eurocastle Investment Limited, Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Limited, Florida East Coast Holdings Corporation, OneMain Holdings Incorporated, Aircastle Limited, Brookdale Senior Living Inc., New Media Investment Group, GAGFAH S.S., SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd., Mapeley Limited and doBank S.p.A.

In addition to that, Randal Nardone has served as a Fortress Credit Corporation principal as well as Fortress Investment Fund IV and V co-founder, COO and CEO. Plus, he is a Fortress Registered Investment Trust co-founder and was the secretary, vice president, and COO of the fund and is currently its CEO. Randal Nardone’s stellar career in financial services came as a surprise to many people that knew him. At the University of Connecticut he majored in English and Biology. Nardone earned his juris doctor from Boston University’s School of Law and joined the Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm. He quickly made partner and was a member of the firm executive committee.

However, after gaining a measure of success in the legal profession, Randal Nardone decided to go in a completely new direction. He took a position with Blackrock Financial Management and began what would become a spectacular career in the financial services industry. Serving as a principal, Nardone remained with Blackrock until 1997. Then he was a managing director at UBS for a year before leaving to join with Wesley Edens and Robert Kauffman and co-found Fortress Investment Group. By 2007, it became the first private equity firm in U.S. history to be publicly traded.

Randal Nardonw, now married with one child, is now a billionaire. He is ranked number 577 on the Forbes Billionaires list. That’s not bad for an English major.

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