Talk Fusion offering a next level form of connecting the world.

Bob Reina took a video of the house he was considering to make a purchase and wanted to send it via email. To his dismay, it was impossible to post the video via email, and it was this need that gave birth to Talk Fusion. Bob Reina teamed up with people who helped him build the company that would facilitate sending videos via email. Talk Fusion has been on the forefront making products which have been recognized and won awards. After producing Video Chat which made headlines and won an award, the company and its corporate leaders announced the remodeling of the product to include new and exciting features. The application will now add new features such as a state of the art video support, superior contact management, permanent chat rooms and URLs that have been customized. The product is facilitate by the WebRTC technology with an extensive desktop in addition to file and screen sharing. The innovative WebRTC technology does not require other plugins and makes communication more consolidated. The technology also enhances security and offers the user an improved personal experience while interacting with the product. The move to institute webRTC with talk fusion has revolutionalized the video communications platform. The Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page remarked that the way of doing things was getting much better. This is because of the new voice-only option that improves the quality of audio output. Indeed Talk Fusion is offering a next level form of sharing and connecting the world. Mr. Page also added that the new product would be very influential to the world and even very simple and clear. The CEO Bob Reina also remarked that the product would offer the user more control of the product and the product would adapt to suit the needs of the user. The organization used its product testing group known as the VIP Council who had the privilege to use the product before its release in the market. The group commended the new interface of the product a sign that it would receive the same reaction from around the world. Talk Fusion is ready to set the bar even higher with the corporate leaders prepared to renovate other areas as the company enters its second quarter. Talk Fusion is driven by the desire to beat its standards, and Bob Reina is leading the way to ensure better processes are developed to enhance communication around the world. The firm had small beginnings where they just started with video emails, and the users were able to customize their messages to their liking. Pre-made videos were also provided to cater for the users who did not know how to make the videos. Additional products included such as Video Suite made the whole experience far much more exciting. Users can create and personalize their newsletters by using Video Newsletters. Video Suite will enable the users also have the experience of live chat sessions and powerpoint presentations. This feature also allows other users to access files on the other person’s computer. Sign up forms also enable the user to create an email list while also offering the possibility of one creating their own signup forms. Learn more:


OSI Food Solutions Taking a Bite out of the Industry

OSI Group, which includes OSI Food Solutions, is a company that supplies food products to establishments worldwide. They’re headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The food products they provide include poultry, fish, pizza, and hot dogs. The group started in 1909 as a meat market and has grown into a global leader.

The company made some important purchases and improvements to their existing facilities in the year 2016. This includes a food processing and storage facility previously operated by Tyson Foods. The facility is located in Chicago near an existing OSI plant. This allowed for further expansion and growth within OSI’s manufacturing network. This was one of the many ways the group expanded, to meet the demands of their growing customer base.

OSI Food Solutions has a strong presence in the European market, which was increased and secured by acquiring a majority percentage of ownership in Baho Food. This took place in August of 2016. Baho Food is located in the Netherlands and supplies industries that sell snack foods and different kinds of meat. The companies’ plants are in the Netherlands and Germany. OSI Food Solutions also acquired the U.K. food service provider, Flagship Europe, in December of 2016. This company specializes in condiments and they also provide pies, poultry, and products for sous vide cooking.

OSI Solutions also operates in Spain and Portugal, where the demand for chicken products has increased to a rate of about 8% in recent years. As the demand grows, OSI has made changes and upgrades to keep up with and exceed production requirements. They installed a high-capacity production line in 2016, doubling their production of processed chicken. They also increased their production of pork and beef products, and added more employees to their production line.

Overall improvements made by the OSI Group include brand new buildings and equipment, as well as shipping and receiving areas. The new equipment installed in existing buildings had the additional benefit of reducing electricity consumption and costs. Security systems were also enhanced with perimeter surveillance amd indoor cameras. The company has also invested in a product development kitchen.

OSI is one of America’s top 100 food companies, with more than 65 facilities worldwide. Some well known companies they supply include Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut. The recent acquisitions, improvements, and expansion of existing facilities have allowed OSI Food Solutions to increase production and offer new products. This will continue to grow the company, in more ways than one.

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What you can learn and do on Talkspace

Have you ever wondered if you are working for a psychopath? Here are some signs that you could be. He or she may be very charming, have a need to control everything, show narcissistic tendencies, and often may have an iffy relationship with the truth. Watch for your boss to take extreme risks and blame others when things don’t go right.

It is possible to recover and bounce back from adversity. First, be as kind to yourself as you would be to a friend who was suffering. Don’t go it alone. It is actually an act of bravery to ask for help, assistance, or advice. That is not what society always tells us. Don’t hide and remain alone.

The above are examples of ideas relayed in the blog posts on a website called Talkspace. This is a website (and mobile app) on which you can communicate with a therapist through texts,voice or video calls. Many people have found this convenient and helpful.

Obviously, the time constraints of having to make an appointment and show up at someone’s office are eliminated. Some find it easier to communicate through texts. By far,though, the aspect of convenience is what makes Talkspace so popular. There is also the fact that the cost of using Talkspace is significantly less than traditional therapy.

A live contact at the website matches you with a therapist after asking some preliminary questions, and you fill out a form that is simpler than the ones at a first visit at a doctor’s office. Your contact at Talkspace will also ask you if you have any specific requests. You will then be assigned a therapist. You will be given information about your therapist’s education, licenses/credentials and background. You can request another therapist at any time.


Jason Hope has formed his life and career in business and technology. Ever since his childhood, Hope has had a knack for technology. He envisioned technology as a tool with the potential of solving some of our modern day problems. According to him, we are currently living in that period where technology has and will continue to take charge of even our most inner aspects. He is particularly thrilled by the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT). He says it has the potential of changing the world tremendously.

Born and schooled in Arizona, Hope was fortunate to get a good education which he partly owes to his current success. He enrolled and later graduated with a finance degree and then an MBA from the universality of Arizona. Jason Hope is a man of many trades. He has developed a niche for himself as an investor, futurist, tech guru and philanthropist.

Technology has seen him identify and nurture budding young tech entrepreneurs. He has been able to select young and brilliant ideas through his website. The selected students are then helped to grow their ideas into meaningful and impactful business. He attributes strong concepts to those which are simple, communicated to a few close people, gets positive criticism and then worked on thoroughly to make them a reality. This simple notation is what he has carried with him in his business journey.

For instance, he tells young entrepreneurs that social media gigs and internet marketing offer a perfect launching pad into the business world. If skills and abilities are nurtured and enhanced, then it makes it quite easy to kick-start a career.

Being a businessman and having loads of other stuff to do, Jason Hope has made good use of the ASANA computer software that helps him manage his activities. It also gives him the opportunity to manage his various projects with ease. Proper networking, keeping close contacts and adequate task management has helped him a great deal.

Not technology alone takes his time; Jason Hope is also interested in philanthropy and medical technology. His philanthropic desire has seen him donate a huge chunk of his wealth towards anti-ageing research programs. He has long believed that through advanced medical technology, conditions such as Parkinson disease and other age-related conditions could be cured. To this effect, he has funded SENS Foundation who have dedicated their time and resources to finding a breakthrough in fighting ageing medical conditions through technology.

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Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis, MN

Within Minneapolis, Minnesota, there is a haven for everyone who needs to hear the Gospel. This is Mighty Fortress Church, and they are a dynamic congregation of believers who seek to live out their faith. The fact they have a church that seeks to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes it all the better. From their Youtube video, seen here, there are many good reasons why this could easily be your next church home!

“Can I get a witness tonight,” the pastor’s voice booms. “I’m coming out of what I’m in. Because the prophet broke something in the atmosphere.” The dynamic leadership of Bishop Thomas Williams is truly something to behold. But it is not nearly as dynamic as the presence of energy that is within the church. They realize that it only comes from the presence of God’s Holy Spirit, and Him alone. Read more on

Even though Bishop Thomas William is indeed a dynamic speaker, he realizes that at the end of the day he is just God’s humble servant. On any given Sunday, he will gently admonish the crowd about the fact that he is not supposed to be an entertainer. They are there only to worship God and nothing else. This is the mark of a church with their priorities in order for sure.

This is also a church that has solid teaching. “God can give a word for you, He can give you a way out…but if you are not listening, it’s not going to happen.” The pastor often prays for the church to give them a new building, and in doing that he is also modeling faith in all things.

About Mighty Fortress Church

One of the great things about Mighty Fortress Church is that they desire for their influence to be much greater than just the greater Minneapolis area. They desire to reach people wherever and however they can. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

This is a church that is not formal and one where you can “come as you are.” They know that people need the Lord and that Christ himself took people as they were.

They are led in this endeavor by their pastor, Bishop Thomas Williams. He is a tireless servant of God who originally graduated from Rhema Bible Training Institute in Tulsa Oklahoma and has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul. He is the founding pastor of this church.


Clay Siegall Genetic Testing

Clay Siegall is a prominent leader in the field of genetics. When he was young, he wanted to become a doctor to help patients. While in medical school, he learned about the world of genetics. Genetics is a dynamic field that offers a lot of possibilities for people to improve their health.

Clay Siegall decided to start a company in this industry. Although it was difficult at first, Seattle Genetics is now profitable. He has numerous plans to expand the company in the coming years. Not only does the staff at Seattle Genetics offer genetic testing, but there are health coaches who provide health advice.

Early Career of Clay Siegall

When Clay Siegall was in college, he did not even know about the genetics industry. With new technology, this industry has helped millions of people detect diseases at an early stage. Some people have a much higher risk of developing diseases like cancer. By utilizing genetic testing, these people can take action to prevent the spread of cancer within their body. In some cases, genetic testing has saved people’s lives.

Clay Siegall enjoys helping patients reach their health goals. He is passionate about his health and fitness. Even though he is busy, Clay Siegall finds the time each day to exercise and eat healthy meals.

Future Plans

Clay Siegall is excited about the growth of Seattle Genetics. The company offers a testing kit online. Purchasing a test kit is a proven way for people to get reliable genetic testing. Working with a health coach from Seattle Genetics is a great way to reach various health goals. The company has helped numerous people achieve their health goals in recent years. Clay Siegall plans to write a book in the future about the role of genetics within the body.

Rodrigo Terpins Emerges a Winner in Rallying and Business

Rodrigo Terpins is a renowned rally driver hailing from Brazil. He landed a podium position in the 22nd edition of Sertoes Rally. This is the largest historic race in Brazil. The race had seven stages and was across two major states. Terpins was with his partner, Fabricio Bianchini. Their competition was against the T1 Prototypes. Terpins and Fabricio were ranked in the eight position in a team of 38. They celebrated their performance in the company of family, friends, and fanatics. Rodrigo said that he was surprised they made it to the 8th position. This is because they encountered challenges on their way. Rodrigo mentioned that the team needed equipment to make it through the race. Check out Terra to see more.

Sporting Family

Terpins’ family loves sports. His father is Jack Terpins. Jack has succeeded in entrepreneurship and has been passionate about sports for years. He dedicated his youth to basketball. That was in the 60’s to 70’s. He played for Hebraica. Jack has always rooted for his son’s participation in sports. Rodrigo’s brother, Michel Terpins is also a prominent rally driver. This reflects the family’s passion for sports.


Aside from being a rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins is an entrepreneur. He serves as the director for T5 Participacoes. He has been serving for about ten years. He is also the managing director of Lojas Maria. In this organization, he worked for 16 years. He was in charge of strategic planning, electronic commerce, commercial automation and business management. He is passionate about business and its impact on community development. Terpins used his ideas to develop people’s talents as well.


Terpin’s interests go past business and sports. He loves charity and supports causes like arts, culture, science and children’s programs. He commits time and talent to make people happy. He is glad to assist the less fortunate in every way he can. For those who aspire to be rally drivers, Terpins is a role model to look up to. He is committed and spends time training to emerge the best. All too often, he has earned the famous title by landing the top positions in the industry.

OSI Industries Acquires Tyson Food Giants

How The OSI Industries Group Continues To Stand Out As Food Processing Leaders

The food service network is a very lucrative industry that cones with strict guidelines to keep the general public safe. The OSI Industries Ltd., food group exemplifies food processing and has been proudly established since 1992; based in Aurora, Illinois. Their customers have been able to sufficiently feed from a complete nutritious meal. OSI doesn’t make you guess what’s in your food by providing full disclosure on their website. Their full disclosure includes what’s in their food and where it cones from.

OSI Industries Acquires Tyson Foods

The OSI Industries Ltd.” food group understands the benefit of creating jobs. Their CEO, David McDonald received the Global Visionary Award for creating job opportunities in many impoverished areas. They recently sought out a bud for a Tyson food plant in Chicago. Tyson foods is a very popular household name among many food competitors. Today, they hail as one of the largest food processing plants in Chicago under the direction of OSI Industries. They were able to retain the permanent position of hundreds if dislocated area workers with the success of their merger.

Recent News About OSI Industries

There is a flourishing food industry in the EU market and OSI has decided to take the initiative towards expanding their international portfolio with the inclusion of the largest EU plant facility in the area. They have the capacity to handle the acquisition with Flagship Europe with over 55 operating facilities in 16 countries. The success of the deal has generated millions and has allowed Europe to expand their business growth efforts. They will operate their facility responsible for processing their food condiments and frozen poultry. OSI will also market their organic vegetables in India and take over the Baho Food Group in the Dutch food industry.

Now, is a great time to find a great employment opportunity with OSI Industries. You can visit their website to learn more about how to apply for a diverse career opportunity. Feed your family a diet they can trust with an OSI Industries Ltd., food group diet today.


Investment Guru Paul Mampilly advice on 2018 stock investments

Investments opportunities are in plenty in this era. Many sectors of the economy are growing rapidly and are offering unlimited investment opportunities. Take the case of the technological sector. This is a sector that keeps on going up and up every single day. Better innovations are being made replacing traditional ways of doing things. This makes it a lucrative deal for investors. With the growth of the internet of things technology, 2018 is expected to be even a better year for investment in this sector. There is wide range of products that are soon to be released. These are the devices that will support the internet of things technology. Already, numerous devices have been created and more keep being added.

The internet of things is a technology that will connect devices to the internet. There will be a production of more smart devices that will have the capability to work with this technology. Take for instance production of smart refrigerators, coffee makers and the wearable medical devices. These are some of the devices that will make the internet of things devices. Any investor looking to invest should be looking at such factors. It is high time that investors learn to look at changes in the technological world as it comes with the opportunities to make money.Companies that are leading in technology include Google.

Google is making a huge impact in the world through its innovative edge. It is trying as much as possible to make innovations that will last for many years to come and also innovations that will take us to the age of internet of things. Any investor who would like to make sound investment decisions should be looking at such companies which have invested in technological innovations. Paul Mampilly, an American investment guru, has talked about the opportunities that are available in the markets. He has described the technology sector as one area that every investor should keep his eyes close on. It is a sector that has a potential of turning any investor rich. Paul Mampilly is also warning investors to stay away from stocks that seem to have reached their optimum levels. He gives the example of Apple as one stock that is going to have a tough 2018. The chances are that we will start to see the fall of its share value. There is nothing the company is doing to introduce innovative products in the market.