The Successful Career Journey of Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a production manager, music producer, event manager and a live sound engineer. In the course of his career, he has worked with many high profile artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Garbage and Guns N’ Roses. He is best known in the music industry for engineering, production, and design. He attended Central Michigan University and graduated with BFA in Theatre Design and Technical Production.


Clayton Hutson views on SD11

Staind frontman and founder Aaron Lewis has made DiGiCo first SD11 debut on the road and in the field. In support of this debut, Town Line which is a country-tinged album was released in March 2011. An acoustic duo setting features Lewis as the stripped-down tour headlining 700-seat churches, honky-tonks, and casinos. It also involves playing opening slots on festival bills and 50,000 seat arenas.


Clayton Hutson is DiGiCo long-time user. He has numerous titles under his name ranging from tour manager, day-to-day production manager to monitor engineer. Hutson has read all about SD11 rack-mountable system and his interests were high on getting the first one of this tour on his hands. He has over the years driven most of the DiGiCo console market. They include several SD8’s on various one-off gigs and SD7 on previous year Maxwell tour.


Hutson explains that almost ten years ago he had the very first Marilyn Mason’s hand-built D5. DigiCo supported him considering Marilyn Manson volatility and the risk involved in taking a new console. From there he has been a great supporter of DiGiCo.


The 19” SD11 which is DiGiCo small offering regarding price and size offered the perfect solution to Hutson while handling Lewis tour. He was now in control of Lewis’ sound and was not at the mercy of local production companies. He was able to carry his console without budgetary constraints. The SD 11 has sonics features and functionalities that Hutson has grown to rely on. Learn more:


It goes along with Hutson’s different tour modes of travel. It is a compact mixing system, that he could check as baggage on fly dates or easily bow beneath the tour bus. Hutson continues to explain that it is hard to achieve consistency and control while working with companies with different consoles. He says he was looking for the best solution, something that has a small format that he could even put at the back of the trailer, and Digico has provided a product to match that application.

Jason Hope and Anti Aging Research

The world is better when we have futuristic thinkers, doers, and innovators. From their inventive minds and insights, they are helping to make our world a better, healthier place to grow. Mr. Jason Hope is just such a person, who is an auspicious businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Jason funds and supports many medical research endeavors which focuses on anti-aging platforms. Mr. Hope has partnered with the world-famous SENS Research Foundation of Mountain View, California. He and the non-profit SENS Research Foundation are working together to reverse the aging process, not just for individuals to look younger, but to defeat the diseases and illnesses that take peoples live too early.

The SENS name stands for anti-aging hope. The acronym for SENS is ‘Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.’ Jason Hope has always had an interest in medical research, smart computer systems, and the medical field as whole. SENS and Jason Hope are talking to and educating the international science community, governments, the medical industries, pharmaceutical firms, biotech firms and other medical entities around the world about the damage that anti-aging diseases have on aging individuals. Jason supports anti-aging techniques like devices that are Internet connected to help the elderly in their daily lifestyles. Mr. Hope spurs-on research endeavors and hosts conferences focusing on age-related diseases and regenerative solutions.

Scottsdale, Arizona is where Jason Hope calls home, having grown up in Tempe. He graduated with a finance degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Unbelievably, Jason’s initial work career began in the telecommunication industry, not in the medical industry. He continues to support other philanthropic causes with funds that are aimed at helping orphans, celebrity foundations, medical societies, and humanitarian organizations like the International Family Health agency and the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Jason Hope provides grants to high school and college age students who are seeking to pursue a career in IoT, interactive technology, CIS, bio-technology, space exploration, and whoever needs a helping hand in seeking the breakthroughs to enhance our tomorrows. Jason Hope is also an active member of an Arizona science center called The Director’s Circle and he is a full-time supporter of the Genomics Research Institute – the TGen Foundation.

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Organo Gold, What Makes Is So Special?

Chances are good that you might have heard about a special brand of products by a company called Organo Gold. Many people have questions about what makes this company and their products so special. For starters, a powerful vision mixed with first class products. Mixed together with careful sturing and this is a nice, hot cup of success. View Organo Gold’s profile on

The ideas behind Organo Gold all started in 2008 with a cup of coffee in Richmond B.C. Canada. Three employees had an idea. That thought process and the ideas that followed have become a global network marketing company that is helping to change peoples lives for the better by offering them amazing products and a great business opportunity.

Today the company offers beverages like coffee and tea as well as personal care products and nutraceuticals. These products are offered only from an independent distributor in one of over 50 countries world wide. So, what makes Organo Gold so awesome? In one word, it would be the key ingredient, Ganoderma. We know, you want to know what that big word is, right? Okay, simply put, it’s a form of mushroom. Now, it’s not just any mushroom. This Ganoderma has been used in China for medicine. It called the King of Herbs and the great people of China believe it has significant health benefits. A doctor named Dr. Shi-Jean Lee from the Mind Dynasty endorsed it’s use. The great news is that Ganoderma is in every product that is offered by Organo Gold.



As for the product line, the company has so many prodcts to offer. Gourmet Black Coffee, Cafe Moch, Cafe Supreme, Cafe Latte, Teas of Black, Red an Green. Organo Gold has a product for weight loss and even soaps and toothpaste. All of the beverages, body management and care prducts in some way use the Ganoderma. As for the business that goes with the products, it is easy to get involved and they have a low start up cost.

From looking at the products and the business opportunity it is easy to see why so many people are becoming involved in this successful direct sales opportunity and using so many of the products with growing success. The company has all the tools that a business owner needs to become successful and that includes an amazing product line that keeps growing. Since Ganoderma has been used for years in Asia, it is easy to see why people feel it has many benefits and enjoy the products from the first time they try them. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Steps Forward To Lead Banco Bradesco Until New CEO is Elected

After over 25 years as the chairman of Banco Bradesco SA, Lazaro de Mello Brandao has decided to step down from his role. At 91 years old, he was one of the oldest bank chairmen in service. It will be a challenge for anyone to live up to Brandao’s rich legacy.

However, if anyone is able to do so, it’s Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the bank’s current CEO, and Brandao’s replacement. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has taken on both the role of chairman as well as that of the chief executive officer until a new CEO is elected this March.

The announcement of Brandao’s retirement has sparked a race for the position of CEO among the company’s top executives, with the outcome of that race being largely unpredictable until it’s decided in March. Whatever the outcome, the executive talent pool of the company is strong, and any of the rumored candidates are likely to benefit the company.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco
Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the current CEO and chairman of Banco Bradesco SA. He graduated from Fundação Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo with a degree in Philosophy as well as postgraduate studies in Social Psychology.

He has dedicated much of his long and illustrious career to Bradesco, having acted as Banco Bradesco’s Investor Relations Officer, and, for 20 years, their Executive Vice-President. He was promoted to the position of CEO within the bank in 2009 and has held both the chairman and CEO positions simultaneously since October last year. Additionally, he spent six years as the chief executive officer of Grupo Bradesco Seguros.

In addition to his work with Banco Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has held a number of other prestigious positions. These positions include President of the Marketing and Fundraising Commission of the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Credit and Savings Entities; Executive Vice-President and Member of the Board of Governors for the National Confederation of Companies in General Insurance, Private Pension and Life, Supplementary Health and Capitalization; Chairman of the Board of Directors of Odontoprev S.A. and numerous other executive positions.

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The Race Ignites For the Position of CEO
During his management career at Banco Bradesco, Brandao encouraged promoting from within and scarcely looked towards outside sources when considering executives. The company is likely to maintain that course in the future, and they are highly likely to pick their new CEO from their existing executives. Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be naming his successor this March, and unnamed sources have reported that the choice will be made from the following seven executives:

Responsible for the bank’s human resources department, André Rodrigues Cano has been working for Bradesco since 1977.

The chief risk officer of Bradesco is Alexandre da Silva Gluher, and he has been working for them since 1976.

Responsible for Bradesco’s IT department, and the creation of their mobile banking app, Mauricio Machado de Minas is one of the newest at the company, having joined in 2009.

The branch network and high-income segment of the company is managed by Josué Augusto Pancini, and he has been working for Bradesco since 1975.

Marcelo de Araujo Noronha manages the bank’s card operation, the company’s corporate and investment banking, and Bradesco BBI. They have been working for Bradesco since 2003, as another newer hire.

Domingos Figueiredo Abreu is in charge of managing the treasury and lending departments for the bank and has been working with Bradesco since 1981.

Leading the bank’s insurance unit is Octavio de Lazari. He has been responsible for a third of the bank’s results and has worked for Bradesco since 1978.

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Lori Senecal Alerts People on the Trends That Are Taking Off

It takes a good eye and an observant mind to identify the trends that are taking off. For advertising, Lori Senecal has both. Therefore, she is able to tell people what trends to be on the lookout for. Among the trends that are taking off is social media. Given that social media has grown to be the powerhouse that it is, many companies are taking the time to advertise their products. Lori is one of the advertisers that are advising people on using social media platforms like platforms to gain customers. The only thing is that there is a way to advertise on social media. It is much different from marketing on other mediums. For more details visit Bloomberg.


There is another trend that is taking off. This trend is mobile advertising. This is actually a sensible trend in that many people are using mobile device. Among the most used mobile device is the smartphone. People use it for social media platforms like Facebook and streaming activity from platforms like YouTube and Netflix. Therefore, it makes sense that businesses are going to look for ways to make money off of such usage. If they listen to and read content from Lori Senecal, this can help them find the right method for marketing. You can visit Media Post to see more.


Lori Senecal shows awareness on the emergence of the social and mobile trends. One of the reasons that social and mobile platforms are being used for different activities comes with one word. That word is convenience. People like the idea of having the world at their fingertips. One thing that businesses understand is that people are no longer going to go out of their way to find a nearby desktop as long as they have their mobile devices. This is one of the reasons that a lot of the companies are optimizing their content for smartphones. Check out





Fabletics, the Nirvana of Athleisure

Amazon is the fastest growing retailer in America right now much smaller companies like Fabletics are giving it a run for its money. Fabletics is an athletic/leisure or athleisure wear company that growing by leaps and bounds. It started out with only an online presence in 2013 and now it sells via ecommerce and in brick & mortar stores in Hawaii, Florida, Illinois and California. In 2018, it plans to open even more retail stores.


Even before opening these new stores, Fabletics had a firm hold on the marketplace in which the Fabletics customer belongs. The co-founders, Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg have created a brand which appeals directly to today’s fitness oriented, active woman. They offer fashionable styles made of quality fabrics and sold for reasonable prices, something that once was missing.


Now, by getting to know, to truly understand their customer, Fabletics has a timely brand that consistently stays ahead of the trends and brings timely looks to the marketplace. By using brand recognition with a spokesperson like Kate Hudson, Fabletics is sure to capture the attention of their young to slightly older customer who strives to look her best. Add other top names such as Demi Lovato and even more women turn to see what the hoopla all about. Everyone wants to know what Demi Lovato is excited about in active wear. When they see it’s something that looks great, fits great and is affordable they too want to look like Demi Lovato and Kate Hudson in their new Fabletics ensemble.


Growing Fabletics to $250 million since 2013, Fabletics has performed a mini fashion miracle. They used a mixture of ecommerce, membership dynamics, fashion forward designs and purse friendly prices to get loyal groups of active women across the world to frequent their website on a monthly basis. By joining Fabletics VIP’s, each member is entitled to frequent discounts and the first look at looks they have indicated an interest in. Member pay 49.95 each month which is applied toward the purchase price of a Fabletics outfit or the membership fee can be canceled by the fifth of each month and the fee saved.


Members love the opportunity to be catered to, much like a personal shopper. Everybody loves being pampered, especially when the shopper has studied your likes and dislikes, so they know what would appeal to you. Fabletics has found the perfect spot to fit in. Fabletics has given their customer the attention of a virtual personal shopper, great fashion forward styles and affordable prices. Their customer has found Nirvana.