Roberto Santiago Presents the Best Thing that Could Happen to Shopping in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is making people take a serious look at the way that consumers shop in Brazil. He has really done a lot to make it easier for people to shop in Brazil, and consumers are thankful. People that are touring Brazil will notice that there is a lot of ground to cover.


What Roberto Santiago has done is give people the opportunity to make a shopping trip to the Manaira Mall, and this is where they can spend the whole day getting everything done. People can hang out with friends and they can shop. They can eat and see movies. They can also go to bars and watch games and have drinks. This is a very pleasant shopping environment, and this is exactly what Roberto Santiago felt that Brazil needed. It is without a doubt one of the best possibilities for shoppers that are trying to maximize there time when it comes to a day of shopping.


This has really become a very popular way for people to embrace shopping in the most popular part of Latin America. Brazil is definitely changing as more people check out what has evolved with this popular shopping mall environment that has been created by Roberto Santiago. He has found something that people are interested in when it comes to shopping in Brazil. This has given him the ability to create a very popular shopping atmosphere. People are thrilled about what Roberto Santiago has managed to do, and it appears that he is creating even more environments like this in Latin America.


Roberto Santiago has been known for creating a plethora of different real estate investments. He really has been able to build a successful real estate company largely because he was connected to vision of making a bigger and better mall. The Maniara Mall has evolved in such a powerful way. The mall was started in 1989, and the mall continued to expand. It was interesting to see how Roberto started making changes in this shopping center because there were not any like this before the Manaira Mall.


The amusement park that is found in the Manaira Mall is one of a kind. There is no other mall that has the bar, bowling alley and movie theater in a mall in Brazil. The economic growth of Brazil is certainly going to get a positive boost, and it employs a lot of people. That is why Roberto Santiago has been so popular in Brazil. He has managed to show a lot of people that there is a need for bigger shopping environments for the sake of tourists. This is why Roberto has been praised for his work. He has improved the commercial landscape.


End Citizens United Struggle To Bring Into An End The Impact Of Citizen United

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is funded by ordinary donors. The board is focused on sabotaging the dangerous impacts of Citizens United and changing the United States campaign finance system. Through the sabotage, the committee will display that the grassroots are rebelling against the growing brazenness of billionaires striving to purchase the elections. These fighting will be significant to make a broad coalition that will fight towards reforms in campaign reforms and compelling the lawyers to make the appropriate action.

The mission of the committee is to bring in an end the significant amount of money that gets used in politics and repair the United States political system by appointing the campaign finance reforms supporters, raising the matter in the national conversation and by measures of the state ballots. Through a partnership with these bodies, the committee will upend Citizen United and finish the undisclosed and unlimited money used in politics.

From the recently released information on, it shows that it is effortless for foreign countries to influence the electoral laws. One of these influences is the alleged participation of Russia in the previous election that gave victory to Donald Trump although he had lost in popular votes by over three millions votes. From that information, End Citizens United perceive that there is a need to bring into an end such future actions. A recent ruling by the Supreme Court has allowed that the corporations have same and equivalent rights like the citizens. Due to this decision, big companies have utilized large amounts of funds to manipulate the American elections.

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For example, a Russian Firm that’s associated with the Kremlin purchased political ads that assisted in influencing the presidential election in support of support of Donald Trump and made sure that Hillary Clinton loses. This is a demonstration though foreign interests are forbidden from utilizing money in U.S laws and elections, the enforcement and oversight efforts in governing foreign powers are ineffective.

A linked posted by the Melvin Redick of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania indicated how the Russians used a campaign on innuendo in critical electoral states. He later showed how they displayed concealed truth about George Soros and Hillary Clinton and other leaders in the United States. Through a proceeding investigations, it revealed that there were no records about Melvin Redick in Pennsylvania. The information indicated on the website got stolen from the Americans by Russian Hackers. The information displayed was detrimental to the Hillary Clinton’s Campaign. Those are some of the effects of Citizen United.

End Citizens United has endorsed candidates that are committed to campaign reforms. For example, some eleven candidates from the Democratic Party have received the recommendation. They include Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and Sen. Russ of Feingold.

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Doe Deere Continues To Brighten Up With Lime Crime

Doe Deere is one of the most respected names in makeup. She managed to create one of the most popular makeup companies of our time even though she didn’t have any of the financial support her competitors did. This has made Deere an inspiration and a case study in what leads to effective business leadership. Lime Crime has been going strong since 2005 with no signs of stopping. If this continues on, she’ll be known as the inspiration for countless girls out there who want someone who can show them how to win in the business world.

Raising Lime Crime To Higher Heights

Lime Crime started out as an Ebay account Deere was using to reach large crowds. It eventually managed to become so much more as she decided to expand her business and turn it into something much greater. Despite the angers associated with starting a large scale makeup business, she was able to come out on top. By 2008, she was one of the most talked about makeup artists in the world. Everywhere you went you would hear people talk about her and the plans she had.

A Conscience And A Business Plan

She did more than build herself a business empire. Deere also used her platform to stand up for the values she held near to her heart. An example of this is how her strong belief in animal welfare has led her to produce products without the use of animal byproducts. Few in this industry have shown these sort of commitments, but they appear to be paying off for Deere. Her brand has overtaken the market rivals and allowed her to obtain a level of success others can only dream of one day having for themselves.

Giving Others A Chance

Doe Deere understands her duty as a female entrepreneur to help others who would like to get into makeup find a way for themselves. She is now a speaker who tells young girls with dreams like she used to have what they need to do in order to make them come true. The program is a smash hit and it’s giving an entire generation the tips needed to succeed. The Lime Crime story is something that can be repeated and needs to happen time and time again. Millennials have changed the world around them and Deere is only showing one example of that. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein’s Amazing Take on Stock Options and Knockout Options

The past few years many organizations have withdrawn from providing stock options to their employees. All seem to have a unified reason, that is, they feel the need to save money. According to Jeremy Goldstein, there are more reasons that lead corporations to stop offering stock options. Some of the other reasons include the unavailable stock options in the event of a relative drop in the stock values, the compensation method which may not be beneficial once the options are made worthless due to a financial crisis, and lastly stock options cause accounting burdens. However, advantages exist that most employers don’t consider before withdrawing the stock options.


An advantage of stock options is that they offer an equal share of value to all employees. The second benefit is that employees tend to work extra hard once they own some shares in the company. The staffs are usually dedicated to growing their earnings and the more they work the more the business increases regarding sales and profits. Lastly, options pose a less tax burden compared to shares. Jeremy Goldstein also explains the solution for employers who feel the need to continue offering options to the employees. The solution entails all the benefits that come with stock options and none of the disadvantages.


Jeremy Goldstein, therefore, suggested the Knockout options for corporations. Jeremy is among the partners at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The law firm offers legal services as well as advice to different companies. Mr. Goldstein is affiliated with numerous corporate transactions such as the purchase of Goodrich by United Technologies and much more.


Jeremy Goldstein has the experience of more than 15 years in business law. Jeremy has worked with several law organizations acquiring the skills before starting his law firm. In 1996, Jeremy attended the New York University School of Law and earned a Juris Doctor in 1999. Mr. Goldstein is excellent at his work with an outstanding reputation.


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