You Can Make It Happen With Market America Inc.

In some business circles, there are people talking about their success with Market America Inc. These are special like minded individuals who have attended a Market America event or been brought to one by an already existing member. Either way, these people are lucky. Because they have been given the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve the success only imagined by many folks. Market America is a way of thinking, a business opportunity and a unique set of tools for making successful life choices happen. Maybe it is time that Market America can happen for you.

Market America Inc. is not some fly by night home business, but many people do use it to earn an income stream from home. It is an independent business opportunity that allows would be entrepreneurs to excel in a short time. Attending a Market America event is the best way to get started on the path to real success, but only you can make that choice and Market America is waiting. Because now is a great time for you to begin the new financial success that you have always dreamed would happen. Now it is time for you to make it happen with Market America.

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How Excellent Stock Picks Have Gifted Paul Mampilly With A Lavish Lifestyle

Paul Mampilly is undoubtedly an extraordinary investor and entrepreneur. His unique ability to identify winners in the stock market right before take-off has made him one of the most in-demand investors in the U.S and beyond. More so, he has the records to prove it. Contrary to public opinion stems from luck, Mampilly has proven that hard work and extensive research are crucial ingredients to success. His impressive portfolio includes the management of notable accounts worth millions of dollars.

According to Mampilly, any tech stock he picks must retain the initial probability of generating revenue even after 40 hours of extensive research. Afterward, he spends an additional 30 hours drafting his written recommendation to numerous clients. Interesting enough, is Paul Mampilly’s unique blend of time and effort to pick a winning stock. His recent investment choices span across precision medicine, electric vehicles and food delivery services.

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How to Choose Food Delivery Services as a Reliable Stock Option

Research has proven that the country’s largest working generation is highly dependent on various food preferences. As such, Mampilly deemed it necessary to invest in meal kits, grocers and food deliveries which are currently experiencing spikes in sales in the market. More so, prominent entities such as Blue Apron and Plated have emerged as favorites to consumers based on their complete ingredients attached with precise instructions on the preparation process.

Paul Mampilly predicts a boom in the food service delivery industry as upcoming enterprises are taking the world by storm. However, corporations must learn to meet the demands of this young market or risk falling out of business. For instance, Boomers has long been favorite giant supermarket specializing in fast food. However, the younger generation has shifted its focus to nutritious food forcing the company to incorporate healthy food choices.

Adopting Precision in Medicine

Massive changes have been sweeping up with the conventional “one-size-fits-all” health care concept becoming obsolete. According to, the modern system entails using a patient’s genetic data and medical history to determine a perfect match against the comprehensive database to diagnose various conditions. Through conducting a genetic test, doctors will be able to identify the exact malady and prescribe the right medication.

Roberto Santiago’s eminence in the world of business

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian sportsman, businessman, and a politician. He was born in 1958 in Sao Paulo, SP. Roberto Santiago owns one of the largest and luxurious malls located in Paraiba. The mall is known as Manaira Shopping. He has been re-elected for the second term as the federal deputy for the Social Democratic Party. He has spearheaded the improvement of the effective regulations for workers by organizing civil society for them. He is the vice president of the General Union of Workers. As the chairman of the Consumer Law Commission, Roberto Santiago fought for the betterment of mobile operations and improvement of health plans. He advocated for the approval of the profession of day labor in the Labor Committee.

Roberto Santiago fought for the workers to be treated equally, through his efforts, he managed to advocate for the workers’ constitutional rights and CLT which demanded that all workers be eligible for sickness benefits, right to work, retirement, and maternity leave among others. He fought for the recognition of over 12 million traders who, despite being members of unions and having a collective agreement, were not legally recognized as traders. He also became the president of Labour, Administration and Public Committee of the Federal Chamber in 2013.

The Manaira Shopping was founded by Roberto Santiago in 1989. It is one of the classiest attraction center for fun, leisure and relaxation. The Manaira Shopping attracts people from different parts of the globe, different age groups and all classes of people due to its modern luxurious structure. The complex the best interactive Stadium System, 3D room and account, VIP room, the amusement Game Station with 200 gaming machines and much more. The Domus Hall, located on top of its roof is one of the most extensive concert halls fitted with the most current equipment. The concert hall can house about 14 thousand people with 4,000 of them seated and 10,000 standing.

The complex has two floors for the accommodation of guests. It has private cabins that can accommodate ten individuals with access to changing rooms and lounge music. The ground floor can be used for the events such as Stand-ups, graduations, fairs, private events, weddings, presentations and mega shows. As a sportsman, Roberto Santiago won the Brazilian kart championship and had severally won the first place trophy in the state championship. He has also won various titles in motocross competition. In Northeast 250cc category, 250 vc and 125cc in champion paraibano. Through his superb entrepreneurial skills, he has managed to exploit every business opportunity in his vicinity to become one of the formidable business forces in the region. With over 300 stores and 75,000m² Gross Leasable Area, Manaira is one of the largest malls in the region.


OSI Group Has Maintained Its Dominance By Expanding

OSI Group, which was the former Otto and Sons, has grown into today’s leading food supplier. The company has been around for over 100 years, and it has provided some of the best tasting custom food solutions of our time. OSI Group has been ranked by the prestigious Forbes magazine, and it has provided food products for many of the most prominent restaurant establishments in history. This list includes McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks. How has this company continued to dominate its environment so well? The answer is really simple when you think about it. OSI Group dominates because it simply creates great products and this is why.

The company has up to 65 different facilities worldwide, and it employees over 20,000 people. OSI Group’s facilities are stretched across 15 countries worldwide. Cheese, beef, chicken and snacks are all on the menu, no pun intended. Many of your favorite grocery stores, supermarkets and schools receive their food products from this brilliant company. Foods that include fresh dough, cookies, flatbread, cucumbers, corn, onions, sausages, beef patties, meatballs, chili, soups, pulled pork, tofu, hotdogs and numerous others. OSI Group has maintained its dominance by expanding. Acquisitions are a big part of doing business. Two of the major food suppliers of the world are now under this company’s umbrella of success. The UK giant Flagship Europe and the fan favorite Tyson Foods. These acquisitions will allow OSI to cater to once untapped markets. This is business 101 and OSI Group personifies it best.

Custom creation doesn’t happen by chance. Many hours, weeks, months and years have been implemented in this grand success. OSI Group not only develops food products, it distributes, manages and processes the foods. For any company/business who does actual business here, the solution is pretty much turn-key. The once small meat market that was located in Oak park, Illinois, is now the world’s leading food supplier and that’s a fact.

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Todd Lubar advise to new entrepreneurs

Todd Lubar is a successful real estate investor in the United States. He is a graduate of Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communication. He has had a long career in the mortgage industry. He started his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked four years.

Currently Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures which engage in real estate development. His role is to ensure there is rehabilitation, purchase and selling family homes. He has been to produce homes that appealing to all facets of the real estate industry. Todd Lubar attributes his success to hard work. His other strength in this business is that he never takes any client for granted. His organization takes care of every person, even the needy in the society. He also likes to be up to date with all events that are unfolding in the real estate sector which always puts him ahead of the pack in the industry. He reckons that for there to be an equilibrium in the society there must be people with dreams and people who help those people accomplish those dreams. Todd Lubar has acquired so much knowledge and experience in the industry that today he is a powerhouse in mortgage banking.

Having served in the finance and credit sector for over 20 years, Todd Lubar identified on Patreon a big gap in the housing sector, where low earners were having hard time accessing mortgage from banking institutions. He therefore found it prudent to start a business venture that will see everyone access loans to fulfil their housing needs. Lubar advises new entrepreneurs that for them to succeed they must first concentrate on solving the needs of their clients before expecting to become multi-millionaires. A successful business is built by giving the customers what they want. Customer satisfaction should be the ultimate goal of every business person.

Todd Lubar continues to state that no single business person becomes rich overnight. He, just like any other business person out there underwent the same struggles of setting up a new venture. He flopped in the fast few days but he picked himself up and continued to build a multi mullion business venture that TDL Global Venture is today. For more info, visit

An Overview of the Role Rick Smith Plays at Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is the current CEO at Securus Technologies. He took over the position back in July, 2008 and has steered the company to its current position. A lot of people had faith in his capabilities when he was taking over the position due to his drive, experience and focus. All these qualities have been instrumental in his push to make the company move forward and make it the undoubted leader when it comes to offering communication and various other product and services to the corrections industry. Rick Smith boasts of a unique skillset, remarkable track record and outstanding background. He has experience working in various fields like information technology, telecommunications, business development and many more. Rick Smith possesses unique leadership skills that constantly set him apart.

Education Background

Apart from his great skills at leadership, Rick Smith has a solid education background to back him up. He attended Rochester Institute of Technology where he earned an associate’s degree. He also holds an engineering degree that was awarded by the State University of New York, Buffalo. He also did his masters degree in engineering in the same institution. Rick Smith did not stop there as he went further and earned an MBA from the Simon School in the University of Rochester.

Work History

From 1972 – 1998, Mr. Smith held various positions at Global Crossing North America Incorporated. He used to be the chief information officer as well as controller. He also enjoyed a stint at Frontier Information Technologies where he was the president. He was the vice president at Midwest Telephone Operations, Business development director and Network plant operations director. He also became the vice president at the Financial Management division.Rick Smith made his move in 1998 to Eschelon Telecom Incorporated where he was the chief financial officer at the company until 2000. Between 2000 – 2003, Rick Smith became the company president before he got a promotion to become the CEO of the company. In the course of his term, he was able to raise the revenue at the company from a paltry $30 million to about $350 million. Rick Smith managed to take the company through a triumphant IPO during the summer of 2005. He stayed on with the company up to the year 2007.

Rick Smith at Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies formally appointed Richard ‘Rick’ Smith as its president and CEO in June 2008. In January 2009, Rick became the chairman of the company. During his reign at Securus technologies, the main rival to the company has always been the Global Tel Link. Securus Technologies has been able to hold its ground by offering huge products and services than the competition. Securus Technologies also boasts of a huge and far efficient call center than the competition. Rick Smith has been able to invest more than $600 million in technologies, acquisitions and patents from 2013 – 2016.