Securus Technologies Uncovering Drugs in Jail

When me and my fellow corrections officers show up for work, we know we have to be watching each other’s back every minute we are inside the prison. If we were to turn our backs for a second, the inmates would have the upper hand and could really put us all in a very dangerous situation. Even when we work 60 hours a week, the inmates are still inside that jail longer than us and looking for every opportunity to make us suffer.


Most of the inmates are able to behave, but those with extended sentences tend to hold me and my fellow officers responsible for them being on the inside. If these inmates can get their hands on drugs, they become even more of a threat because they can easily over power several of us at the same time. That is why we spend so much time trying to keep all drugs out of our prison.


We spend time checking every letter that comes inside to the inmates, and we do surprise cell inspections around the clock. We have a strong presence in the visitor center, we even monitor their calls using the new Securus Technologies call system. This system utilizes the LBS software, and can detect certain verbiage and alert us to the trouble.


Once me and my fellow officers were able to understand the power of this software, we put it to the test. Call after call we began hearing things that alarmed us, but we were able to take action to make the jail safer. If an inmate talked about his family bringing drugs, we met them at the gate. if inmates talked about doing drugs, we raided their cells. No matter what we picked up, we would send a team instantly to try and eradicate the trouble before it out us in any danger.


The Unique And Promising Views Of Rocketship Schools

The new branch of the Rocketship charter school will include a computer lab, gymnasium and nursing station. The two-story building will be on a hilltop in Anacostia and contain 54,000 square feet. Interviews are already being conducted for perspective teachers.

The first Rocketship elementary school was opened in 2007. The school gained recognition for their blended approach to learning and strong test scores. They use an approach combining computer and online instruction and traditional teaching. This relies on technology and keeps their costs down.

In 2013, the Public Charter School Board allowed Rocketship to open a maximum of eight schools inside of the District. The first school was located in Ward 8 across from a large complex for public housing. The opponents of the school are concerned it may bring too much competition to the traditional elementary schools in the area.

The Regional director for Rocketship is Jacque Patterson who believes since the school will operate along the lines of a neighborhood school there will not be a conflict. Although any child located in D.C. can apply, the school’s focus is on the children living in Ward 8. The Rocketship school will have 350 students ranging from kindergarten to the fourth grade in the 2016 and 2017 school year. A preschool will additionally be run by the Appletree Institute. Approximately forty percent of all current applications have come from the Woodland Terrace complex.

A specialized room is being built at the new school with computers and internet access for parents. When they attend school functions or pick up their children they will have the ability to submit applications for jobs. Most of the parents have never had the opportunity to have this active of a role in their children’s education. The schools staff are planning to visit the students families at home before the school year starts in order to develop a relationship with them.

One of the construction workers is from Texas and is planning for his son to attend Rocketship. He has already been through several interviews with the teachers and believes the school’s idea of getting to know the children and their families is excellent because it help the parents as well.

The Business Effort of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the senior vice president of Legendary Investments and also the president of TDL Global Ventures. He is a very successful entrepreneur and other than that he is a philanthropist. Todd Lubar specializes in real estate finance. Being in the real estate industry has helped him as a philanthropist to build homes for those who can’t afford any. He attained a B.A in speech communication from Syracuse University.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar was, first of all, a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Lubar was deeply into business and his interest got higher thus he was able to link up with important business people who told him much to do with business. The prominent business people include; insurance agents, financial organizers, and real estate agents. As a result, Todd Lubar expanded his skills on mortgage banking because he had all the experts with him.

After some time he was with Legacy Financial Group. Due to his hard work and experience in the business industry, he helped the firm achieve $100 million in terms of the loan. Legacy Financial Group was now more devoted to expanding its business gap. This much achievement led to the foundation of Lubar’s first company; Legendary Properties LLC. This organization has been able to finish over 200 transactions and also has advertised a number of real estate properties this is as a result of the experience and skills of Todd Lubar.

Todd Lubar is a hardworking man who has continuously achieved much in his business. He has equally made business contracts with a number of individuals which has made $20 million. The good achievement encouraged Todd to begin First Magnus Financial Corporation which is a branch of the organization. This organization assists single and multifamily properties.

The company has excellent services which have contributed to its development. It is inclusive of the best mortgage firms in the United States. Legendary Financial LLC was the next firm that was found. Legendary Financial LLC helps young entrepreneurs as well as firms by giving them loans to start off. Todd stands out to be an accomplished business man because of his effort.

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Karl Heideck Legal Advice For Your Career

Karl Heideck's Legal Advice
Karl Heideck’s Legal Advice

Tips on Starting Your Legal Career With Karl Heideck

If you want to focus on your career and get started in a way that fulfills your potential, it is important that you follow the hints that Karl Heideck offers.

Heideck is a lawyer that has made his way throughout the field by sticking to some principles and strategies. By getting your career started when using Karl Heideck’s words of advice, you will get started with some solid grounding. Karl Heideck went to Temple University, where he graduated from honors in the school’s James E. Beasley law school. He works for Hire Counsel now in the Philadelphia area.

Karl Heideck offers some of the following words of wisdom below:

Make plenty of contacts during law school

When you are in law school, it is the time to acquire as many contacts as possible. This is the time where you have access to plenty of classmates who are well on their way toward legal career success, as you are. Do as much as you can on campus so that you are well stocked with contacts after you graduate.


Pick the law firm that allows you to grow

There is a lot of room for growth depending on the law firm that you decide to pursue. Instead of just getting caught up in the prestige of the law firm, make sure that you also look at the potential for advancement and lateral movement within your field.

Decide on your area of specialty

You also need to carefully choose your area of specialty. Doing so will help you have the most fulfillment in your law career.

If you follow these three tips, you will be in a really great position to get great legal career advice. Follow these words of advice from Karl Heideck so you can get the most out of your career.

For more information about Karl Heideck, just click here.

Vincent Parascandola’s Success in the Finance Industry

Vincent Parascandola has always had a passion for the world of finance, and it is this fire that burns within him that makes him so good at his job. He has worked with AXA Advisors since 2004, and he is currently the company’s executive vice president. In this position, his main responsibility is overseeing the recruitment and training of employees. With over 20 years’ experience in the finance industry, he understands the intricacies of this volatile industry, and he is always able to predict the company’s staffing needs and ensure that they are met.

AXA Advisors is known for the excellent financial services it has provided to its clients for the decades it has been in operation. AXA Advisors has managed to maintain its sterling performance over the year, thanks to the likes of Vincent Parascandola. Having worked at AXA Advisors for more than a decade, Vincent has helped preserve the company’s culture while at the same time ensuring it adapts to the fast-changing needs of the finance industry. His financial acumen has proven to be of great value to the company.

Vinnie is also a people’s person and a great team leader. Before being appointed as AXA’s vice president, he served as the manager of one of AXA’s branches in New York, and had over 400 employees under his supervision. He knows how to keep his team motivated and focused on their goals. Vincent is a member of a number of industry associations including GAMA, Field Officers Committee of LIMRA, and Florida Chapter. This helps him stay up to date on the latest industry practices and also make a contribution to the industry through his advice and guidance on various issues.


Vincent has made a great contribution to AXA Advisors, and the finance industry as a whole. His role at AXA is a very sensitive one as it is the people he employs who ultimately work to ensure that the company achieves its goals. He has proven to be a valuable asset to AXA Advisors. Vincent attributes his success to his persistence, determination, and commitment to his goals.

Banking Solutions Aimed at Transforming the Lives of Clients

Nexbank has become a very important pillar in the lives of the community in Texas and Beyond. When they started out, they were a college bank, and their main aim was to help the college students and their parents make savings for their college education. However, they have expanded their reach and are now taking up a series of other initiatives in the community. The CEO of the bank, John Holt, has been at the helm of the company a number of years, and his leadership is one of the reasons the company has been so successful.

Just recently, the company merged with the College Savings Bank in Texas. They took this step to help expand the capability of the college bank in offering financial aid to students who are in dire need of it. Another program that they have gotten involved in recently is the building and the equipping of some of the local libraries in Texas and merging with mortgage lenders to offer housing to the people who are less fortunate in the community.

The Bank was started more than a century ago. In the time that they have been in operation, they have really transformed the lives of the community by offering services such as personal banking, commercial banking and mortgage banking. They offer their services both to institutions, individuals and corporations.

The bank has been making headlines of late, with the latest being the reappointment of John Holt, the CEO, back to head the board of the Texas Bankers Association. During the last annual meeting, the CEO discussed the importance of involving the community more actively in bank projects. He stated that technological advances will only make complete sense when they benefit the communities of the people they serve. With the visionary leadership of John Holt in place, the bank’s services will keep getting better.


Eric Lefkofsky Starts Another Company

Serial entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky is a man who has always stayed ahead of the curve. With his background as a highly successful entrepreneur (he played a significant role in creating several major online companies, including Groupon, Echo (a logistics company) and InnerWorkings (a marketing firm), no one could blame the 47-year-old Lefkofsky for sitting back on his laurels for awhile. Fate intervened in Lefkofsky’s career plan, however, when he went through a personal crisis.

An Illness in the Family

When Lefkofsky’s wife became ill with cancer, he got a fast education in the limitations in the practice of modern medicine. As he and his wife went to meeting after meeting with doctors, he became aware of how much more data medical practitioners should have about their patients. From this need, his new, self-funded company, Tempus, was born.

Tempus now has 150 employees. The company is growing a molecular clinical library of patient data that provides doctors with information on other cancer patients, so they can use the information to help patients currently in need of care. Lefkofsky’s net worth is estimated at $1.7 billion, and he is investing millions of his own funds to help keep the company operating and very independent.

There’s no doubt that starting up another company at this stage in his life is challenging. Eric Lefkofsky admits pressure can be enormous, but in this case, it’s all worthwhile. The personal crisis he and his wife experienced as they searched for information that could help her heal from cancer was so profound, it put everything else in perspective.

In Lefkofsky’s view, if his financial success and business acumen could be put in service of a database that will help other people survive this harrowing illness, there’s no doubt that’s where he should be putting his energy.