Blackberry Nectar Brings Happy Back To Your Lips

Blackberry is such a distinctive one, albeit a delicious one. This duskily sweet summer flavor only comes around in it’s full glory once a year. Anyone who loves blackberry will love to taste this delicious flavor as often as they can. With Blackberry Nectar EOS lip balm you can experience the delicious flavor of blackberry nectar not just once a week, not just once a day, but several times per day. Each time that EOS sphere is twisted open the lips will anticipate the delicious kiss of a ripe blackberry fruit.

It is easy to imagine the scent of this delicious blackberry EOS balm. The flavor of the balm is flavored only with the extract of the 100% fruit. The 100% all natural blackberry fruit extract lends a taste as true as can be to the true fruit. The scent is coming from this all natural blackberry extract making the smell as unbelievably fresh and enticing as the delicious taste. Also see,

Blended in with this 100% all natural blackberry flavor is jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil. These luscious natural emollients are full of essential fatty acids that deeply hydrate and nourish the lips. Olive oil hydrates and nourishes without clogging pores, shea butter deeply nourishes and coconut oil increases the elasticity of the skin. All of these ingredients absorb into the lips of the skin for an easier smile that doesn’t crack, flake or peel. Not only does it heal and prevent chapping but it simply revives a dry and tired smile making it easier and more pleasant to spread those lips into a happy form. A little extra stevia added into the mix makes it a little bit sweeter when that tongue sneaks out to taste this all natural formula that smells too good to resist. Get your EOS lip balm from most major retail outlets such as Target, Boots, Perfumania, Ulta and Amazon is wonderful.

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The Sunny Plumber Company in Tucson

The sunny plumber is a company in Tucson that offers complete and wonderful plumbing services. The experts in Tucson plumbing company have the expertise in gas line installation, unclogging shower drains, and commercial plumbing systems.The company offers many services like plumbing where the customer may be in need of a plumbing repair, installation or maintenance in which they have a high experience, and their charges are fair. The sunny plumber offers the plumbing services from re-piping and grease trap services and sump pump installation.
The sunny plumber also provides water heater services. The company can work with all brands and types of water heaters which include tankless water heaters and solar water heaters. They make sure the customer water heaters are at a proper maintenance condition, they also repair and install them. The company also offers water treatment services in Tucson, Arizona. If a customer has a well which needs chemical feed pump, the company offers the service. The company also provides water filtration, reverse osmosis installation, and water testing services.
The company also offers drain and sewer services. It provides sewer line replacement, video camera pipe inspections, and trench-less drain replacement.The company also offers commercial plumbing services in Tucson Arizona. They offer commercial water pipe repair, commercial gas piping services, and also scour jet cleaning services.
The sunny plumber company was launched by Ken Goodrich who is the principal investor in Phoenix Peach LLC, a Nevada-based holding company. The sunny plumber was meant to serve the Tucson Arizona customers. The CEO of the company was Dan Burke. Another leading member is the president Arizona operations, Allen Crick. It has been offering its services for 75 years in Tucson.
People think of the company as very customer friendly, fair price wise, and also satisfying regarding its services. The staff is also said to be respectful, friendly, responsive, clean and courteous.

Jason Hope, Altering The Future Of The World

The Arizona native Jason Hope is a highly talented entrepreneur who is based in Scottsdale, AZ. He has an unquenchable thirst of giving back to the local community and he also supports the initiatives that are close to his heart. He was brought up in Temple and he attended the Arizona State University where he was pursued a degree in finance, apart from that he holds an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business which is part of the Arizona State University.

Jason Hope is a strong support of the local educational programs, due to the passion that he has for the technology, he contributes to various charitable initiatives such as disease cure as well as education. Hope is of the opinion that if he supports the young students to learn both broad-based skills that they need to prosper in their academic work as well as other areas in their lives.

Other initiatives include supporting the work of the SENS Foundation. In 2010 Jason Hope donated $500 000 toward the support of the Foundation work. The financial support was expected to build and equip the Foundation laboratory as well as put into action other research programs whose their main purpose is to study the human tissue. Hope explained that the work of the SENS foundation is important to him because the Foundation is taking a different perspective to the anti-aging. They are aimed at finding the cure for the disease that infecting human’s thus causing faster aging. For example, the diseases like the lung disease and Alzheimer affects all the function of the body. The traditional medicine finds ways into treating these diseases after they infect however the SENS foundation seeks to ways of stopping these diseases from happening.

The futuristic Jason Hope has several predictions about the Internet of Things (IoT). According to Hope IoT will be completely different in the coming five years. He says unlike today IoT will give more values compared to today. He states that individuals and business need to invest in the IoT today so that they can reap the benefit in future. In addition, Hope continues to do more research on the IoT so as to gain more insight.

Squaw Valley Releases Statement On water Issue

Heavy rainfall this past October has led to some serious water woes for the popular ski resort area of Squaw Valley. Damages to its four wells presented some serious issues for the area’s public water supply. In November, officials were alerted to test results that showed the presence of E. Coli and coliform bacteria in the water. Squaw Valley and Placer county officials immediately began working together to fix the situation and ensure the protection of guests and citizens of the popular ski destination.


The area has made great strides in recent months to fix the issue, In fact, Wesley Nicks, director of Placer County Environmental Health explained that three of the four wells now show very little or no presence at all of the dangerous bacteria.


Throughout the entire ordeal, no guest was exposed to the contaminated water. Restaurants at the popular resort remain closed for extra protection. Despite the closures, the ski runs remain populated and guests continue to take advantage of the great recreational options.


In a public statement, Liesl Kenney, Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows explained that the area will continue to ensure that all guests and citizens will remain safe. Measures such as free bottled water are being implemented under the water is considered one hundred percent bacteria free.


The area is remaining open about the issue and has been very forthcoming about measures and repairs being taken to fix the issue. Nicks also reiterates that ensuring the public’s safety is the authority’s most important responsibility.


The health alert was first brought to the attention of the Placer County Department of Environmental Health back in the beginning of November,

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How tech and fashion industries relate

As tech evolves, it carries with it a lot of other platforms, such as fashion. This is according to Burch Creative Capital’s CEO, Christopher Burch. He argues that tech and fashion need each other to grow. From his point of view, the two industries should exist mutually to propel their growth. Chris Burch cites examples of how tech and fashion have grown over the years, to support this argument.

In the 70s and 80s, for instance, the boom box was the main music entertainment platform. The equipment allowed its owner to tune into different radio stations. In the 90s, the Walkman took over, allowing people to carry their own music around in compact disks, and listen to them. Currently, the iPod is the main music entertainment device. Looking at these developments, one would conclude that, people go for what they deem fashionable.

By also looking at what the future holds, it is evident that fashion and tech need to work together. Designers, for example, are trying to incorporate tech into their designs. With the advent of smartphones and many other smart devices, the necessity to charge these devices has increased. It is for this reason that fashion designers are trying to come up with shoes that generate electricity as one walks. This is possible by introducing mechanisms that convert the force and energy into electricity. This way, one would be able to charge his phone as he walks or runs.


About Christopher Burch

The billionaire investor runs Burch Creative Capital, a firm he founded in New York City. His desire to see small startups grow, is what compelled him to form this company. The firm works to develop brands and manage venture investments. Burch achieved the billionaire status in 2012, after selling some of his stake in his former wife’s fashion brand.

He runs his own website where he gives advice and personal opinions concerning matters of entrepreneurship, and how to make companies grow. One of Chris’ best-known article is one in which he speaks of how to get the most out of one’s job. According to hi, three factors are key. The first is that, one should allocate time for various tasks. After this, time should also be allocated for brainstorming over completed tasks. Secondly, the entrepreneur believes that teamwork is also key. Lastly, as one produces, he should write down ideas that come popping up then.

Doe Deere-The Daring Make-Up Developer

Doe Deere combined her beauty and business savvy in order to launch Lime Crime cosmetics in 2008. She modeled her own products, and developed a bold brand that would appeal to customers worldwide. Lime Crime is named after Deere’s favorite color, and fittingly, its products incorporate bright, vivid colors that co-inside with the slogan “so bright, it’s criminal.” Deere encourages customers to use make-up as a form of self-expression. She believes that make-up should reflect the wearer’s mood and personality, rather than just cover imperfections. Deere and her team work hard to develop unique products, such as liquid-to-matte lipstick, and Lime Crime continues to be an innovator in the beauty industry.


Deere is undoubtedly as vibrant as her colored cosmetics. She was born in Russia, but has lived in New York City and Los Angeles. She has pursued a variety of artistic pursuits- fashion designer, musician, songwriter, and of course make-up artist. She is clearly passionate about self expression, and has combined that with an entrepreneurial spirit.


Like many young entrepreneurs, Deere has focused on the internet marketplace. In fact, Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies to focus strongly on e-commerce. Deere refused to be limited by the traditional practice of sampling make-up in a store, and instead relies on color swatches such as the “on-lip” lipstick swatch to sell Lime Crime cosmetics to online customers around the world. Deere is also very active in social media, and uses forums such as Instagram and Facebook to market the Lime Crime cosmetic line. Social media gives Deere an opportunity to receive feedback from consumers, and use their comments to continually improve Lime Crime products.


It is also important to note that Lime Care has been shaped by Deere’s concern for animal welfare, and she strives to ensure that Lime Crime products are animal friendly. After meeting strict standards, Deere’s entire cosmetics line has been certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free by PETA & Leaping Bunny. In her personal life, Deere regularly donates to an animal rescue organization called Bide-A-Wee, and raises two rescue cats of her own.


Deere’s daring color palette, and internet presence have led to Lime Crime becoming a very successful business. Deere’s entrepreneurial skills were recently recognized when she was named as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. Deere appreciates her success as businesswoman, and proudly supports other female entrepreneurs. In addition to speaking at public events such as PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour, she offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs through her social media sites.

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Thor Halvorssen: Human Rights Hero

The Human Rights Forum, perhaps the largest, most celebrated event of its kind in the Human Rights field, gathers philanthropists, and major businessmen in Oslo, Norway once a year. They attend lectures and events in which human rights campaigners and dissidents from all over the world explain their causes. Many of them walk away with new-found backers from among the rich philanthropists.

This event, which some call the Davos of the Human Rights Industry, wouldn’t happen without Thor Halvorssen and his not-for-profit, the Human Rights Organization. Halvorssen’s organization employs twelve people and is based in New York.

Thor comes from a long line of Human Rights campaigners. His grandfather was a Norwegian diplomat who took a stand against the Nazis during World War II. He once allegedly even beat up a Nazi official. His father was a tireless anti-corruption campaigner who found himself thrown into a Venezuelan jail when he tried to reveal state corruption. His mother, meanwhile, was once shot as she protested against Hugo Chavez’s corrupt regime in the streets of Caracas. Luckily, his mother survived.

Although Thor is no fan of the people who run his country, he reserves special opprobrium for the Kim family, who run North Korea. The country, called “The Hermit Kingdom” in much of the western world, has been ruled with an iron fist by three generations of the Kim family. The North Korean people have suffered immensely under their clutches. In the 1990s, as the Kim went on a quest to fund a nuclear program, a famine swept through the country, reportedly killing millions of people.

The North Korean people today live cut off from the rest of the word. The few North Koreans who have managed to escape the country tell horror stories of their treatment by the regime and how little they know of the outside world.

Thor works to change that. He organizes groups that buy hot air balloons that carry Hollywood movies, South Korean newspapers, magazines, and banned books. They send the hot-air balloons over the border and release the packages over the North Korean countryside, where they hope people will find them.


Frizzy Hair – Where it Comes From and How to Control it

It never fails. It’s a big night out and after spending an hour on your hair it’s still frizzy and has put a tangle in the evening. But what exactly causes frizzy hair? Where does it come from and how can it be controlled?

All good questions. Here are some answers:

Frizzy hair happens to both men and women, however, women seem to have the worst time with it compared to men. The reasons for this is because women generally use products such as blow dryers and hair straighteners that dry hair out. Women often times use shampoos and conditioners that have no health benefits and can ultimately cause damage to otherwise healthy hair.

Heat and Humidity – The use of blow dryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons can have negative effects on hair and cause frizz. Limiting the use of heat elements to the hair will help bring back moisture and cut down on frizz. Humidity also causes frizz so keeping your hair moist is important for healthy frizz-free hair.

Shampoos and Conditioners – Believe it or not, while made to cleanse and condition, your shampoo and conditioner products can play a huge role in causing your hair to frizz. Purchasing shampoos and conditioners with ingredients that moisturize and protect hair is important for healthy, manageable hair.

Control the Frizz When You Use WEN by Chaz

WEN by Chaz Dean is a unique hair care system that has pleased customers and celebrities for 16 years. The 5-1 formula replaces all your hair products. No longer will you buy shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, or detangler separately, The WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner does it all.

Chaz Dean has a large celebrity clientele for a reason. His ability to bring a product that helps so many is amazing. Frizz-free, healthy looking hair will be yours with the Wen by Chaz.

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Securus Technologies Puts Healt On GTL

In the even that GTL posted a myriad of negative comments about the company Securus Technologies, Securus Technologies has published an article that refutes all of GTL’s claims. They want the public to know that they do important work, and that the facilities that use their technology are very impressed with them. This is a way that Securus Technologies can do something about now, because litigation can take a long time to go through the courts.


They also are putting out a number of commercials, so that the public can become more aware of what they do. Also, they have invited them to a presentation at their headquarters, which is located in Dallas, TX. This presentation will allow them to see what the company is working on, and how it will benefit the facilities that will use it.


At Securus Technologies, they are constantly working on all different types of technology that ensure that the public is always safe. They work closely with the government on a variety of missions, and they are adept at handling the civil and criminal aspects of justice. They are in constant contact with over a million prisoners a year, and they use a variety of monitoring techniques. Every week, they are inventing new and better ways to protect the public. They are known for their work the world over, and all across the country they are in demand for their services. People will be even more impressed with what they can do in the future. Their goal is to make the world a safer place, and they certainly will do so.