How to Make a Reputation Win from a Brand Crisis

The social-media-dominated landscape has a lot to do with online brand reputation. A single mention on Twitter can cause a great reputation crisis to your brand. The case can be magnified when thousands of commenters take their time to talk about the ill-reputation of your brand. You can end up in a frustrating position if you are a promoter or marketer to the brand. However, there is case whereby a company’s spokesperson is transformed to a public relation boon.

You should understand that anything can happen to a business whenever you are unprepared. Your business can be subject to an uproar on social media at any time. This comes from history. It is a fact that most online reputation reviews company are up to take war and fight for your company. Your preparedness is measured by your quickness in getting to online conversations to slow down the negative spread about your brand.

For you to manage started conversations that escalate concern about your business, you should have an established alert system. You should have the automated tools to give you a real-time alert about brand mentions on the internet. This feature helps you respond to concern and mitigate their negative effect to your business.

However, keep in mind that online public relations are not just about responding to the negative comments online. Moreover, it is not all about engaging in illogical arguments with users about your brand on social media. Address the right people and take a calculated approach towards life. For different kinds of complaints raised in social media, provide a reasonable response. For instance, you will do better to listen to the technical matters that come out of the reaction when clarifying a misinformation on social media.

Avoid taking sides to cause an argument once you join a conversation about a negative element on your product. Your negative comments will result in a negative atmosphere where consumers are left to think that there is no remedy for their complaints. It doesn’t mean that you are taking a business-immersed tone when you become a non-argumentative person in a conversation. The community is watching you.


Adam Milstein Recognized as One of the Most Influential People in Israel

Adam Milstein is a renowned philanthropist, community leader and real estate investor who is currently based in the United States. Milstein is a native of the State of Israel. Adam Milstein had the opportunity of serving at the IDF several years ago during the Yom Kippur War, and he has helped his country in several other activities.

He acquired his first degree in 1978 when he graduated from the Technion School. Adam moved and settled in the United States in 1981 and continued his education. He earned his MBA in 1983 from USC and ventured in commercial real estate industry. He is currently the managing partner at a private commercial real estate company in the country, known as Hager Pacific Properties.

According to Aish, Adam Milstein and his Gila Milstein have started a charitable foundation that has helped the lives of many people with Israel origins in the America. Gila is Moroccan, and she relocated to Israel when she was just six years. She went for her education at the Rothschild Hospital Nursing School.

After school, she was appointed as an officer in the Israeli army. Gila is also a respected community leader and philanthropist who have supported her husband in helping people in different capacities. She sits on several boards, and she is the CEO of Stand By Me.

Adam Milstein co-founded the Israel -American Council several years ago. He currently serves as the National Chairman of the organization. His achievements in this institution are respected by people from all over the world. The organization has changed the lives of very many people in the United States.

Just recently, one of the most popular magazines in the country recognized Adams Milstein as one of the most influential individuals in the country with Jewish origins.

The Jerusalem Post releases the report last week, stating that Adam had made a significant impact in the country and the world in general in the past one year, and he had a lot of potentials to effect change in the future years. According to the list, Adam was in the 39th position for his leadership at the Israel-American Council, his philanthropic activities and leadership in some other prominent Jewish organizations.

Do You Want To Bury Bad Articles?


Today, many businesses are losing money and customers. It has nothing to do with their products, prices, or the economy. It has to do with articles. Articles that put the company in a negative light. This information is costing people their jobs and causing companies to shut down. Sadly, 9 times out of 10, the information written about the company is not true. Potential customers do not know this. Due to the economy any customer thinks twice before spending a time. We are not living in a time where you can just spend money on a bad product or service.

However, companies have been getting smart and have started to utilize techniques in order to bury those negative articles. There are certain strategies that are used. At the end of the day, it comes down to companies putting negative articles as far down the Google ranks as possible. Since doing this companies have seen their sales go up almost 30%. These new techniques are spreading like wildfire. Business owners from all over the world are interested in how they can bury negative articles.

There are some business owners that do not have the time to bury negative articles. That’s why there is a company called Bury Bad Articles. This company is led by professionals that study articles and Google ranks all day long. These individuals can quickly tell you how much money you are losing every single month due to negative articles. Even better, they can tell you and help you fix this problem.

Every single customer gets a free quote. The representatives of this company will show you how the service works by using your business. They will bury negative articles for you free of charge. If you like the service, you are welcome to discuss low fees in order to keep using their services. If not, there are no hard feelings there. You would love to know that every review concerning Bury Bad Articles has been a positive one.

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Wen by Chaz Is All The Hair Care Product I Need

I recently ran across an article on The article showed a girl with unmanageable hair using what she thought was a miracle solution. There are 100’s of these types of ads on the internet, but I too have horrible hair problems and was curious about the product and her methods. My hair is a mixture of Caucasian and African American. To say that I have issues with styling is an understatement. I was so impressed by her story and how she was able to calm the frizz, I decided to try it for myself.

I will say that I was quite skeptical going into the trial. I mean I have tried at least 50 products over my lifetime and only had a handful that really did anything. Most dried my hair out too much and left it with a nice frizzy consistency. So, when I read that WEN by Chaz Dean is a shampoo, condition, and styling agent in one, I knew that I had to try it out.

First, I will say that the number of pumps you need to use on your hair scared me a bit. According to the instructions, I needed to use 6-12 pumps. Okay, that is a lot of product to put on my hair. I was quite afraid it would leave it greasy. I did as was asked and waited for a few minutes after my application. It didn’t feel greasy, and it had a pleasant smell. I rinsed, dried, and prayed that it was going to work for me.

I styled my hair as usual. I will tell you the first thing that popped out at me was the fact that my hair had bounce and was shiny. I always hated those girls on television who had such shiny hair. Mine has always been so dull and lackluster in appearance. My hair looked like one of the Hollywood hair magicians had worked with it. I was hooked. WEN Hair by Chaz is the hair care for me.

No wonder this man does hair for the elite in Hollywood. His products are sold on a home shopping network, he does some awesome infomercials on there too, which is where he shows what this stuff will do. He took many years and lots of time to develop a product that women and men alike could really benefit from. I am hooked. I will be a WEN user for life. Wen hair products are available on

Kevin Seawright: Newark’s Prodigy

Led by Kevin Seawright, Newark Community EDC, Newark CEDC is launching a new platform to embrace its latest business mission. Formerly known as Brick City Development Corp., they have moved over to a new corporation. They are looking to explore a citywide development strategy.

They are currently targeting small business by offering small business loans. They rebranded the company in hopes of furthering their reach and focus more on the neighboring community.

Kevin Seawright is currently Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and has been since 2014. Kevin works to help small business owners understand how to work with their financials, tax and credit reporting.

His company actually explains their client’s current status and aids them in getting to where they want to be. Newark CEDC uses other institutions to aid them in offering their clients the best services available.

Kevin believes that all businesses are important and does what he can to help them. He does not believe in helping just minority-owned businesses. Anyone with a good business plan can receive help from Newark CEDC, as long as they are also based in Newark. Kevin ensures that there are at least two people dedicated to helping the businesses of each ward.

They even offer a 12-week small business development course. Newark CEDC often loans out up to $25,000, but anything over that amount requires a partnership with another financial institution. Kevin believes that it is important for business owners to understand financial stability and have proper training.

Unlike many other institutes, Newark CEDC doesn’t just help owners open their businesses, but they try their best to ensure they’re successful. He also believes that the team around him is bettering the community and feels good about giving the community a voice.

Kevin has been working and using his financial expertise for over 13 years. He’s spent his entire career on the East Coast, working in places like Baltimore and Washington, DC. He’s saved the various companies he’s worked hundreds of thousands of dollars and earned them even more.