Thor Halvorssen Exposes Human Rights Violations

Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, has created a mission to spread universal human rights around the world to even some of the most oppressed regions around the world. The Human Rights Foundation is a ten year old endeavor that is currently located in New York City, the center of international diplomacy. Thor Halvorssen has been fighting for human rights for over two decades as he is a multicultural individual with both Venezuelan and Norwegian blood in him. As both his parents were human rights activists, Thor Halvorssen was inspired to follow this path of being both brave and selfless. Some of the initiative of this foundation includes freeing political prisoners, giving on-ground education in closed societies, as well as giving individual rights seminars on Capitol Hill. As a non-profit organization, this foundation is focused on pursing universal rights for all. The Human Rights Foundations has received many generous donations from individuals, corporations, as well as from other foundations.

Some of the real world initiatives that this foundation is focused on in present day includes ending women’s violence in Pakistan, Freeing the prison, Liu Xiaobo, as well as freeing RCTV. The advocacy campaigns that have been created by the Human Rights Foundation raise not only awareness, but also raise support and create missions for the entirety of the supporters of this endeavor. As a dedicated human rights activist, Thor Halvorssen has been beaten and imprisoned numerous times. From first hand experience, Mr. Halvorssen knows exactly how dangerous closed-off societies are to individuals.

In addition to promoting human rights, Thor Halvorssen and his team are also dedicated to exposing dictatorships. In recent news, Mr. Halvorssen and his foundation spoke out against Nicki Minaj who made a trip to the oppressive country of Angola to perform. Angola is a country that is notorious for taking away the rights of humans and for encouraging slavery. Other celebrities that Thor Halvorssen has set out to expose for speaking in oppressed countries include Hilary Swank, Kanye West, as well as Jennifer Lopez who have all been paid to speak or sing in these countries.


IAP Worldwide Services

On a global scale, the world can suddenly become a chaotic mess. The goal at IAP is to make the impossible, possible. Ingenuity And Purpose (IAP) is a leader at providing logistics, management of facilities, and advanced professional technical support.

The team is two thousand members strong while being active in over twenty five different nations across the globe. No matter if it involves the public or the private organization or company, nothing is too difficult for IAP to handle.

Some clients are best served in the battlefield, overseas. IAP is there to provide whatever the requirements to supplement the efforts. There is no delay in the coordination and the engagement of the professionals assigned to a task of any level of complexity.

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With the military training and capabilities within the talented pool of IAP employees, no operation or project will be rendered without the proper scale and technological requirements for success. Even medical laboratories can be set up with careful detail focused on sterile conditions and proper handling of biohazards along with equipping and protecting the healthcare professionals and researchers.

No matter what the nature of the project may be, the men and women of IAP have met the challenges for more than 60 years. The reputation that is found by the clients of IAP is a reliable one. Those who are served by this great company are highly satisfied as their expectations are constantly being exceeded. One of the ways this is accomplished is by making a pledge among the professionals at IAP that makes the mission of the IAP clients one and the same as the mission of IAP.

The goals of the team members of IAP Worldwide are the goals of the clients that are served with conviction, passion and expertise. Through a corporate culture of success, the customer is treated with the highest level of respect and gratitude so that all the communities involved will benefit from the efforts.

The services that are provided by IAP Worldwide include global level support for the government to keep the United States strong and safe. Aviation support is also a provision of the skilled employees of IAP Worldwide.

From the runways, the hangers and the aircrafts to the skies, the skilled technicians and engineers support the pilots, the navigations team and the communications systems to offer dedicated safety to the mission at hand.

The Information Technology and communications teams will also support the United States and their allies in the battlefield or on the shores of the homeland in all types of crisis and conditions of urgency. Both home and broad, IAP Worldwide will be ready for all challenges, making that mission their own.

Atlantic City and New Brunswick Face Development Issues

Financial troubles surrounding major commercial developments in New Bruinswick, NJ continue, even as the US recession recedes from view. A recent article in Press of Atlantic City gave details about a loan given to the Middlesex County Improvement Authority by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority which bankrolled the building of The Heldrich Hotel in New Bruinswick. The loan was given in 2005, and a interest and principal payment of $1 million was due to be paid in January. The payment on the $20 million loan was just one of many missed payments by Middlesex County Improvement Authority, which has been in financial straits for many years.

The hotel and conference center were developed by a nonprofit group called The New Brunswick Development Corp (Devco). The corporation was praised by state Senate President Stephen Sweeney as an example of what kind of work can be accomplished when public funds are channeled through private firms to build large construction projects. The New Brunswick company is a kind of sister to the Atlantic City Development Corp, which is expected to handle over $200 million in public and private financing to build the Gateway project in Atlantic City’s Chelsea district.

Is it reasonable to expect that The New Brunswick Development Corp. and The Atlantic City Development Corp can successfully oversee projects of this scale? The track record so far indicates that the answer is no, but plans are still moving ahead for more projects in the future.


The impact of Davos Financial Group

A leader in his field, David Osio has been impacting the business world for many years. A graduate for the Catholic University Andres Bello, Osio has completed years of study in international law. In the early 80’s he ventured out to start his own career becoming the President of OPED Enterprise. This company is responsible for many of the nations top coffee export programs. He has held high positions at a number of other major companies and has had a major impact on them.

Osio’s career took a turn in the mid 1980’s. He became a part of the law firm MGO in Caracas. It was here that Osio was responsible for dealing with corporate clients such as Ferro Corporation and Consolidated Bank. His knowledge of the law and career experience as a legal advisor are reasons he gained a top position with Banco Latino International in Miami. During his stay with Banco, Osio was responsible for seeing a noticeable increase in the companies portfolio including a growing presence internationally.

After years working for major companies, Osio decided to start his own venture in 1993. It was during this time he created the Davos Financial Group of companies. This group was the first from Venezuela to provide financial advice for a very select clientele. In just a short time, Osio has been able to tremendously grow his company and lead it to great success. Osio has served as the CEO and expanded the business to serveral major cities including Miami, New York and even Panama.

Davos Financial Group prides itself on developing companies that that offer tailored services matching the specific needs of their unique clients. With agreements with several different banks, this company has a very diverse and versatile portfolio. Osio and his companies also pride themselves on philanthropy and giving back. Over the years Osio has supported groups like MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra). Furthermore he and his companies support international foundations, such as the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. Overall Osio’s contributions to the business world and have been great. He continues to be a great leader who will have an impact for years to come.

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Connecting the Relationship Between JustFab, Fabletics and Don Ressler

Don Ressler is recognized as the ambassador of several brands, which have stood out in the world of business. His entrepreneurial journey dates back to more than 10 years ago when he launched his first business. Don Ressler’s first venture (FitnessHealth) was acquired in 2001 by Intermix Media, shortly after he launched the start-up. He proceeded and teamed up with Adam Goldberg to launch Alena Media. The marketing section of the business earned millions in revenue and was the profit center of the company. When the company was handed over to News Corp in 2005, Don Ressler was not happy with the way the business they had worked so hard to built was being ruined.

Owing to the fact the two had skills in online advertising, they decided to launch a brand that would be operated autonomously. This led to several ideas from Adam Goldenberg, and one of them brought to picture the idea behind Intelligent Beauty. The company operated for several years and in 2010, they launched JustFab, a subscription eCommerce retailer.

To help build the business, the company of Adam Goldenberg received $33 million from Matrix Partners. This was not sufficient to build JustFab into an internationally accepted brand, so they negotiated another loan of $76 million, which was issued in 2012. JustFab used this money to broaden its network. The company opened stores in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom in the first project. The number of members also grew tremendously between 2010 and 2013. In 2011, there were only 4 million members on the site, but by 2016, the site had more than 10 million members.

About Fabletics and FabKids
Fabletics was initially developed by Kate Hudson and Adam Goldenberg. The company was acquired by JustFab and would operate separately as a brand, but under the control of JustFab Inc. Fabletics offers high-quality active-wear dedicated exclusively for women. It also offers premium training outfit, swimsuits and lifestyle dresses in various designs. The company offers a similar interface and system like JustFab and users also need to join for a subscription service that costs $39.95 monthly.

JustKids is also a separate brand that is controlled and managed by JustFab. The company was acquired in 2013 by JustFab Inc. JustKids is also a subscription eCommerce retail that deals in children wear and fashion. Under the leadership of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, JustFab has grown into an internationally recognized brand. The two entrepreneurs foresee more networking to ensure the company covers more countries across the world. Source: