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Dick DeVos is the first male child of Richard DeVos. He is well known for his business and entrepreneurial skills. With his spouse Betsy Prince, they have four children. They have one grandchild. Their son works as a consultant. They are from Michigan although they have other houses in different places.
DeVos went to Havard University but graduated from the Northwood University. When he was young, he involved himself in businesses owned by his family. He could do simple tasks like greeting those people who were attending the meeting, speaking to the group and many other duties. This was an achievement to him.
Later he began to work with Amway Corporation. He held a position in different departments including, research, finance, marketing, manufacturing among others. After ten years, he became the vice president and was required to control the operation of eighteen countries. A great improvement was experienced. The company grew very fast. A comparison between the internal and domestic sales showed a great change. International sales had tripled domestic. This is due to the networks and markets had he had found. Before he left this position the company’s sales had improved by fifty percent the sales of a year.
After a period of nine years, DeVos went back to Amway and became the president after his father. After several years, he decided to restructure the company and established a new firm, Alticor Corporation. The newly structured company operated around fifty countries in different continents.
After his retire, Dick decided to venture into politics and other activities where he was vying for the governor position at Michigan. Among those people who ran for the governorship of that location, he was the richest; this is because he uses a huge sum of money for the campaign from his pockets. Despite the use of money, he did not win the elections.

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DeVos has a heart of giving. Dick is involved in charity work and fundraising campaigns. Devos is among the top five donors for the expansion, Kennedy Center. A bridge to be used by pedestrians connecting to the Kennedy Center is part of the project. New offices will be built, more space for dining created, educational spaces enlarged, among other things.
He has so many awards and honors. He Is a sailor and regularly gets involved in competitions. He has won the longest races in the fresh water. Lastly, DeVos is an aviator

Stephen Murray: A Real Man’s Man

As of this writing, the world is still grieving and mourning the loss of the one, the only, Stephen Murray. Men like him come along but once in a lifetime and when they do, they certainly make their mark on the world in the best possible way.

They are visionaries, kind, hard-working, dedicated, and always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. To me, that is true test of a person. Anyone can do the right thing when the cameras are on and everyone is looking and watching. However, what do you do when no one is watching? How do you behave?

For private equity investor, philanthropist, president and chief executive officer of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray, he was always behaving in a way that behooves a man in his position.

When it came to investing, he always knew all of the right moves, as they say. Of course, no one can see the future, but for Stephen Murray, he just seemed to know the right investment moves at all times, no matter when or how. It is called having a gut feeling. His gut feeling rarely, if ever, failed him. It always lead him down the right path to success.

As far as being a philanthropist, this was something he took very seriously and felt as though it was something he was put on this earth to do: help other people. If there ever was a chance to offer a helping hand, do something for someone, or help the less fortune, he never passed up the chance to do so. You can learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://fortune.com/2015/02/17/exclusive-ccmp-capital-ceo-stephen-murray-leaves-firm/

In fact, he embraced it and felt quite good about it. That wasn’t the reason he did it, however. He didn’t do it to feel good or get praise. He did it because he knew people need help and if he could help even one person, he was making a difference.

When it came to being president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, he was a president that people could look up to and admire, as he was someone they employees truly enjoyed working for, each and every day. He brought a great attitude to work every day, and it was incredibly infectious to those around him.

They couldn’t help but be inspired by him and his work ethic. He was a role model by how he conducted himself at the job and in his day-to-day life as a human being.

A New Age Of Mobile Service

FreedomPop is a mobile service and wireless internet provider based out of Los Angeles, California that operates off the Sprint Network in the US. They partnered with Sprint in 2015 to offer coverage to 3G and 4G Sprint compatible devices. FreedomPop believes that mobile service should be free because it’s a right, not a privilege. They offer free services such as mobile data, voice, and text and sell smartphones, tablets and many other devices that can be used with its service. Founded by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar, FreedomPop has raised over $109 million in financing and has launched a global sim with free mobile data across 25 countries. http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/21/freedompop-wifi/

FreedomPop operates by giving its clients 200 voice minutes and 500 GB of data completely free with unlimited text messaging. This wireless carrier offers three different service plan layouts and all plans are on a month to month basis so there is no contracts, activation fees, or credit checks, in fact, one plan is 100% free for the first year. Many people have already switched over to FreedomPop because they don’t charge hidden fees or bound their customers to contracts for use of service. They now have over 10 million hotspots in the US alone.

FreedomPop is now offering all Android smartphone owners unlimited text, talk, and data for only $5 a month. The service can now be accessed through the company’s FreedomPop app that can be connected to any one of its hotspots throughout the US. The company CEO Stephen Stokols believes that the number of hotspots will increase to 25 million with the inclusion of retail locations such as StarBucks, Burger King and Best Buy into their network. Now with the companies nationwide wifi, consumers have safe alternatives to their high priced LTE network to have free or the lowest priced unlimited plan on the market.

The company’s mission is to ensure that everyone has essential and affordable communication services. Out of all the different wireless providers to choose from, FreedomPop is one of the most affordable, honest, and straightforward companies out there. The 4G speeds that this company offers its customers rivals other carriers around the world and they are the only company to offer talk, text and data free. Now offering an unlimited plan for $5 a month, this will definitely appeal to all Android smartphone users.

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Sanjay Shah: Solo Action

Sanjay Shah is a businessman located in the UK. He is the Chief Executive Officer or CEO of Solo Capital Partners. While Shah may be known in the world of business and finance today, he originally had other interests. Consider his past:

Born in September of 1970, Shah originally had other interests as a teenager. When he was younger he thought he wanted to be a physician. In fact, he studied medicine for a few years before having a change of heart.

He reinvented himself and was soon an accountant. His resume racked up a list of employers that included numerous investment banks. Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley topped the list.

When the financial crisis of 2009 happened, Shah chose to go into business for himself. He founded the brokerage business that would soon become Solo Capital. Today Solo Capital Markets an internationally-known financial services business based in London, England.

In 2011 his company incorporated. The company also presently does business under the name Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited. He promotes his company’s services to include such services as consulting, professional sports investments and proprietary trading.

Shah, however, is not always “all business”. He knows the value of good publicity and word of mouth as well. He is currently the CEO and founder of Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks works to raise awareness as well as funds for autism research by holding music concerts. This cause is especially of interest to Shah because he has a young child who has the neurodevelopmental disorder. He actually thought of the idea of Autism Rocks while socializing with rap artist Snoop Dogg.

He promoted the premiere Autism Rocks performance two years ago as an invitation-only event. The headlining act for the concert was Prince. The charitable event has gone on to include such other artists as Michael Bublè, Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Drake and several famous disc jockeys. More recently Shah has laid out plans to create an official Autism Rocks website and has become the trust director for Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre.


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Stephen Murray: Write an Article About This Individual



Investing your money can be both easy and hard to do. The easy part lies in putting the money aside and saving it. The hard part lies in choosing a private equity investment plan that will fit your needs.

There are so many variables to take into consideration. Which is why we wanted to sit down with Stephen Murray and have a talk with him. Up till the end of last year, Stephen was one of the top financial minds for his firm CCMP Capital. Who better to sit down and have a discussion about this than him?

“It’s important to note that popularity is not always the best way to go. So many assume that popularity is the key here. Even some investors and traders get this wrong. Here’s the deal. About 90% of all popular trading plans and investments end up failing. I am not saying to scare people. I am here to help educate some of you. This is one of the biggest misconceptions we have to work around for both new clients and those who have been with us for a while. Sometimes it’s those slow-going and off-the-shoot options which end up being your safeguard”.
–Stephen Murray

The conversation spread to a variety of things after this. One of the finer points we talked about was the idea of “opportunity”. Some like to push for things to happen. While others like to wait for something to come knocking on their door. We asked Stephen’s opinion on this. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://nypost.com/2015/03/13/ccmps-murray-dead-at-52/ and http://www.ccmpcapital.com/Team

“Truthfully, the best options are going to come to you unexpectedly. I have had some clients who have pushed for something, only to have it blow up in their face. There are lots of options that will hit the private equity sector first, before they go to Wall Street or even the Stock Market. Sometimes it’s better to just sit back and see what happens”.

“I understand why some like to get pushy with their financials, capitalizing on something before someone else gets it. I don’t agree with most methods of doing this though. I tell clients this all the time. Sometimes it’s best to be patient and look for something that no one else sees. We see options that even Wall Street doesn’t take notice of. It pays to be patient and easy-paced with private equity”.

If you’d like to hear more from Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital, please check out his Twitter pages and other social platforms. You can also go online to his official page to get in touch.

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