Best Brothers Joining Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks charity foundation is adding two new trustees to the board according to PR Newswire. Joining the ranks of the Autism Rocks staff are the brothers Will and Pete Best, old college mates of Shah’s. The pair will be in charge of many managerial aspects of the charity as well as setting forth both short term and long term goals.

The charity, founded by hedge fund manager and philanthropist Sanjay Shah, was started after an impromptu tea in the garden of Shah’s house located in Dubai with world famous rapper Snoop Dogg. The visit left Shah inspired to start a foundation for autism research funded with gigs performed by world famous artists in honor of his then five year old son who had been diagnosed with autism at the age of two. Watching his child be unable to speak or communicate and struggle to focus on tasks was heartbreaking, knowing there was nothing he could do to cure the disease he decided on the next best option. To him, that meant donating toward autism research to fund scientific studies that could find alternate therapies and new ways to help those affected by autism. The afternoon with Snoop Dogg along with his desire to further research in a critical field that affects up to 1 in every 68 families lead to the development of the Autism Rocks foundation.

Austism Rocks is a UK-based and invite-only concert that is held to raise awareness for autism as well as donations toward autism research. Headlining the Autism Rocks concerts have been celebrity performers such as Lennie Kravitz, Drake and Prince and the foundation has successfully put on many fun filled events for families.

4 Tips To Help You Better Target SEO Keywords


When it comes to search engine optimization, keywords are without question the most important piece of the puzzle. They are used to target your audience and to determine what type of content will be posted on your blog or website.

Within the last few years search engine giant Google has made a lot of changes regarding complaints when it comes to how keywords are used to rank web pages. No longer can you stuff your content full of keywords and get ranked on the first page of Google.

To ensure your keyword strategy is effective, here are 4 tips from top digital marketing agency White Shark Media.

#1 – Focus On Intent

While finding all the keywords that are relevant to your business is extremely important, it is just as important that you look at the intent of those keywords. Doing so could give you a ton of insight into the type of problems your target audience is facing.

#2 – Categorize All Keywords

Now that you have a list of keywords as well as the intent behind those keywords, its time to put those keywords into the appropriate categories. Name each category after search intent. For example, if one of the keywords is “home painting ideas”, chances are the person is just looking for information.

Therefore, one of your categories would be “looking for information”. If on the other hand someone types in “professional home painter”, chances are they are looking to hire someone to come out and paint their home. In this case you could label the category “looking to hire”.

#3 – Take Each Keyword and Create a Headline

When people are searching online, it is the headline that will capture their attention. If your headline isn’t interesting, no one will click through and read your content.

When you are turning keywords into headlines, be sure to highlight the intent. For example, a great headline would be “7 Home Painting Ideas You Can Try This Weekend”.

#4 – Use Different Variations Of The Search Term

Search engines have evolved quite a bit in recent years. They now understand search term variations and are able to create associations between them.

White Shark Media Review

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Igor Cornelsen Brings Investors Good Fortune

When it comes to investing the return on investment is the thing that people are going to focus on the most. That is the most important thing, but in order to get a great return on investment there are other things that people have to consider. Igor Cornelsen is the person that people look to when they want to acquire a good return on investment.

PR Newswire reports Igor Cornelsen has become on of the best sort of Brazilian investing knowledge. He has the ability to help a lot of people that are new to investing. He has a grand amount of knowledge in investing, and people that pay attention to what he is saying can reap a lot of good fortune from this skills.

What he has emphasized the most is to pay attention to the market that you are investing in. There was a time when I hopped on whatever stock was hot. I didn’t know much about the companies or the type of investment I was making. Igor Cornelsen has warned people of this blind type of investing strategy. It is going to be a lot more valuable for investors to put forth the time to look at what the companies are doing. They are going to need to know the structure of the company. I found that it makes a lot more sense to know who is in charge because they are going to lead the company forward.

I have also found that there is a lot be said for diversity in portfolios. Igor tells investors to spread out the investments. It doesn’t make any sense to have an investment in one hot stock that is bound to fail. It is better, according to Igor Cornelsen, to spread out the investments over a variety of stocks.

Cornelsen has certainly become the person that I look to when I want to invest in Brazilian stocks. He knows a lot about this market. He has invested in Latin American stocks for years, and he has given investors the knowledge to go forth with this type of investing.

He has helped me build a bulletproof portfolio. I don’t worry about recessions or panic when a couple of my investments are doing poorly. I know that I have diversified my resume in such a way that I will still be able to survive.

He has the knowledge of trial and error experience, and I appreciate that. It is always good when you can see someone’s errors in order to make better decisions for yourself.

FreedomPop Adding International Services

FreedomPop has been expanding throughout the United States, offering new services to customers who simply are tired of overpaying their mobile phone provider. However, while FreedomPop has made a name for itself doing exactly this, it has not simply stopped within the United States. It has continued outward in order to provide additional services to customers throughout the world. One of the services includes an international calling experience. This way, individuals living in the United States or in one of 25 other nations can receive a substantially discounted mobile phone bill, not only within the home nation but while traveling into these other 25 nations.

With the 25 nations, users are able to purchase an international SIM card for $10. This allows individuals to use their mobile phone in the 25 different countries. Every user receives 200 MB worth of free data every single month. If they want to receive additional data, the user is able to purchase 500 MB worth of data at $10 a pop. This makes it especially valuable as the 500 MB can roll over and it does not expire.

Beyond just the international SIM card, users are also able to access an international hotspot. This hotspot is going to work currently in 25 different countries and, if FreedomPop’s plans expand as on schedule, it will reach 40 countries by the end of the year and beyond that after this year. The international hotspot allows users who pay the $49 activation fee access to a Wi-Fi network, providing unlimited minutes, data and text messaging options to those who are connected to the international Wi-Fi global hotspot.

Human Rights Foundation: A Vision Of World Freedom

Established in 2005, the HRF (Human Rights Foundation) began staging crusades to immobilize the forces against human rights. The nonprofit is an unbiased organization on a mission to liberate society from the forces that stand for injustice and inequality. Largely, the HRF strives for global liberalism and freedom. The organization’s commitment to put the word out there remains a foremost priority. HRF continue to identify influences and vulnerabilities corrupting society.

Where does HRF stands on democratic socialism? Founded by Venezuelan film industry tycoon, Thor Halvorssen-Mendoza, the HRF has staged numerous showcases to embrace democratic socialism and liberalism worldwide. The HRF promotes sound strategies, economic and social values with the hope of giving society a voice. With this, it’s made considerable progress in aiding the government to reform policies. The aim is to ensure ordinary Americans enjoy equal opportunities to improve social democracy and global economic conditions. Among events and conferences, it’s funded include North Korea CFF (College Freedom Forum), OFF (Olson Freedom Forum), HNK (Hack North Korea), etc.Whatever donations the New York-based nonprofit receives, it funds needed investigations and research into improving global societies. The annual OFF conference held in Norway, the HRF gets an opportunity to gather reasonable funding. Many of the donors are noble U.S. and Scandinavian societies, including the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Amnesty International Norway, Ny Tid, Fritt Ord, etc.

Thor Halvorssen, organization’s founding father has been a human rights advocate since 1989. At the time, he operated out of London and spearheaded an uprising against an ongoing South African segregation. It had a foothold in the nation, resulting in social, economic and racial divide among countrymen. Amidst presenting the HRF as president, Halvorssen originated a collection of other human rights factions. A sampling includes the Centipede Children, the OFF, On Own Feet and he’s a donor of Children’s Peace Movement in Prague.

Halvorssen influences global communities and is popular for pieces featured in the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), GQ, The Economist, the NYTimes, Foreign Policy, TIME Magazine, etc. Additionally, he’s been featured on major TV networks, MSNBC, CNN, HBO, Fox News, BBC and more. He graduated UPenn (University of Pennsylvania) Magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa as a history/political science major. Additionally, he holds a seat among the Human Rights Foundation board directors. The organization has aided governments in reaching a course of justice by intervening in high-profile international cases abusing human rights. In addition, it’s procured solid evidence to support Truth Commissions hearing.