The Influence of Dick DeVos

As a local and positive influencing individual, I believe that Dick DeVos is one of the most selfless individuals there are. Mr. DeVos and his family are a prominent family is Michigan and have donated millions of dollars to help build their community and to help the community thrive. The DeVos family are the proud owners of Amway Corporation which grew from a small basement held company into a massive international corporation. With the wealth that the DeVos family has required, they have decided to use a large portion of their wealth to give back to their community through multiple educational, artistic, as well as civic donations.

In recent news from MLive, Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, have decided to pursue a new hobby within the liquor industry. A new initiative has set in motion the purchase of a local distillery known as Coppercraft Distillery. While the DeVos’ do not claim full ownership, it has been recently reported that their license has been approved. 

Dick has been involved in many business endeavors including his time spent at Amway. He has amounted quite a bit of wealth throughout his life, but is philanthropic and started the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to give large amounts to various organizations that support different causes. Education is his main focus and he has even founded an aviation charter school in part because of his passion for education and also because of his love of flight.

The current owner of the distillery is Walter Catton III who opened this distillery in 2013. With the involvement of Dick DeVos as a new investor, Mr. Catton has been able to expand the distillery to a 9,000 sq-foot facility that is completed with both a tasting room with 50 seats as well as a new kitchen. The kitchen will be used to pair the cocktails nicely with a bite to eat. 

Currently the distillery is building up its inventory for an upcoming festival known as the Tulip Time Festival which is one of the largest festivals in Lakeshore. In addition to this festival, the distillery distributes its products to over 100 different locations in Michigan, Colorado, as well as in Illinois. The distillery funds any function or location whether it be a party or a restaurant. 

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With the expansion of the distillery, Mr. Catton employees both full-time as well as part-time workers. The experts at Coppercraft Distillery craft a variety of spirits including whiskey, rum, vodka, and gin. With the expansion of the business, the distillery is now looking into making handcrafted beer and wine to broaden the clientele. Mr. Craft is grateful for both the expansion as well as for the new investments that have been made by Dick DeVos.

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